Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Summary for 21-27 March

Back at It!


AM 1:00; 7M; 117Ft; 143Av Hr; 2.5 on eliptical, 4.5 on bike path... no pain!


AM 1:22; 10.1M; 799Ft; 143Av Hr; My classic out and back on the wonderland trails.  Heart rate was noticeably higher than it normally is on this run… I was still tired from the crazy mountain bike ride on Sunday I think. 

PM :30; 3.9M; 117Ft; 139Av Hr; Barefoot run on Kitteredge Fields.  Heart rate was still higher than normal and my calves were sore. 

Massage: Nice to get back to massage with Marcus Allen, I had some good soreness to work out from biking. 


AM 2:03; 14.14M; 3,064Ft; 142Av Hr; Return back to Green Mtn.  I ran from campus at lunch in my first time back to Green in a while.  Felt great, but sore. 


AM 1:40; 10.49M; 1,955Ft; 136Av Hr; Ran with Levi and Aaron from the house, EGF, Panorama, Flagstaff to Green Mtn Lodge and back.  Nice fun, relaxed run with friends.

PM :30; 3.5M; 103Ft; 145Av Hr: Barefoot at Kitteredge; Great to be running barefoot again.


AM 1:52: 12.06M; 2,274Ft; 141Av Hr; Took advantage of a day off work, drove to the trails north of Eldorado Canyon, into Eldo canyon and back.  It was great trail running weather. 


AM 1:32; 12.02M; 771Ft; 142Av Hr; Wonderland with barefoot 2M at Casey Jr High.  Still pretty sore hence the flatter run. 

AM 3:33: 20.5M; 5,562Ft; 143Av Hr; MY 1st “TRIPLE PEAK RUN”!!! I met up with Levi at my house for a perfect day of long trail running.  We ran down to EGF, up panorama, Flagstaff, Greenman to Green Mt. 
Green Mtn 8,144ft (a while back!)

Levi had a little spill on Panorama and bruised his knee.  Down Bear Canyon where I filled my water bottle in Bear Creek and Levi continued down to Mesa Trail and back to my house, due to the sore knee and being that he is just getting into the longer trail running.  The trail up Bear Peak from Bear Canyon is awesome… very scenic, rolling then followed by the short steep ascent to the top.  On my second ever Bear summit, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the view and experience.  I plan on getting up Bear during the weekdays more often. 
Bear Pk, 8,461ft (also a while back)
Bear.  Not my pic, but shows how awesome the peak is!

From Bear I ran south towards Shadow Canyon where I got the idea of bagging South Boulder Peak, the highest peak in the park (8,549ft)
South Boulder Peak, 8549ft.  The least stunning peak, but higest.

Due to the fact you don’t lose much altitude from Bear to the turn for Shadow Canyon, it was a relatively easy 3rd peak to climb, despite it being the tallest.  It was very cool to see South Boulder Creek and Gross Reservoir, something I haven’t seen from Green Mtn.  Shadow Canyon was long and steep, thus slow.  There is a lot of great thick foliage on this trail.  Back to Mesa Trail I ran into Geoff Roes and Joe Grant, I ran with them for a mile or so and then headed home.  I was toast the last 3 miles due to a big first week back on the trails in nearly a month (due to some injuries before Nueces, a taper, and then my tendon issue the last two weeks).  I also felt my Achilles feeling a little irritated the last 4 miles too (thought it was chaffing).  My 1st Endurance EFS once again worked very well keeping me from bonking or dehydrating (electrolytes).  Once home, I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st Endurance Ultragen recovery drink… delicious.       

A great first week back at it! 

I am and was very anxious to do some great training on the trails.  My race in TX was a great start to the season, coupled with it being spring and having to spend some time in the evil gym doing alternative training, I’m ready to roll on the trails!

 A coach wouldn’t have let me “roll” as I did this week. My heart rate was a bit too high for the running I was doing early in the week, plus I was sore for most of the week as well.  Bottom line I forced it a bit and on the big climbing long run, my Achilles got a little sore, so I will take a day in the Gym on the elliptical Monday.  Patience (I’ve said this before).

Weekly Totals

93.7 Miles
14 Hrs
14,762 Ft Climbing
141.5 Av Hr

Here is a little tune one of my students told me I should check out... it sneaks onto repeat in my brain frequently while running. 
Any interpretations on the meaning of the end of the video?


  1. That's a hell of a first week back! Good to see you're in for CC50K, I'll see you down there.

  2. Thanks Michael and Patrick. After a day on the elliptical, my Achilles is fine... not even sure it was injured.

    Look forward to meeting you at the CC50K!