Friday, April 8, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25k/50K

I found/stumbled upon a cool 1st year 25k/50K in Colorado Springs on 4/23 that looks pretty cool:

"The Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race":

-New(er)/very nice trails.  I believe they finished the park right before I left the springs, but I had a chance to run on the trails, they are very nice.     
-Faster course, maybe 1,500-2K of climb per 25K loop
-Good scenery!  Forested, wide open, on Cheyenne Mtn, nice views, etc...
-Not sold out (300 cap)!
-Accessible (on the South end of C.Springs)
-$500 for the first 50K man and woman
-Almost 100% single track trail I believe (a road crossing or two)

-LASTLY, but MOST important:  an opportunity to actually get some of the MANY iconic trail running legends that live in Colorado to RACE... IN COLORADO, imagine that!

It has been a rough week battling a nasty cold that has kept me from running.  While this song's lyrics have nothing to do with running or the anxiety of not running while having a cold/injury, the title "Wait So Long" makes me thing about how waiting for this cold to end has felt like eternity.  Also, the feverous pace at which these guys jam, captures my antsyness to get back on the trails. 


  1. Have you heard of anyone else racing the elite race? All I know of are you and Brendan T.

  2. Patrick, no, I haven't heard who all is racing. I asked the RD and she said she will get that listing out soon. I'll post when it is out. I'm bad with names, what is Brendan's last name?

    I'd assume maybe Justin Ricks would run this, but don't know.

    As of Friday, only 50 spots are left, so if you are considering it, I'd act quick.

  3. I'm already in. Brendan Trimboli is living in Boulder right now ( I asked Ricks but he's going for an OT qualifier in Eugene and taking the year off from ultras. I figured Dan Vega might but it's sort of quick turnaround from his 100. Not sure really why there is a separate start but it'll be nice to have a small pack from the get go I guess.

  4. Awesome! My friend Levi Severson (2:27 marathoner), is also running the 50K, his first Ultra.

    Are you camping friday/saturday? We are doing a tent site for both nights.

  5. Peter Maksimow is racing...

    ...the 25k. Greenland 50k is 2 weeks later.

  6. Damn you fast roadies! Ha, I'm staying with JT close by, good to see more fast folks showing up though.

    Saw Peter was in for the 25k, bummer he's not doing the 50k. Should be way cooler than Greenland.

  7. Patrick,

    I couldn't agree more... I love the Greenland trails, but the 50k course is a bit too repetitive for me with 4 loops. Wish they would utilize the other 8.5 mile loop.

  8. Just found out Marco Peinado will be there, fast young gun from Leadville.

  9. Any of you guys have any details on the aid stations? I didn't see any details on the website.

  10. Levi- there are some marked on the map, but it should be pretty simple being two laps. I wouldn't think there would be more than 3 per loop.

  11. Hi boys :)
    My hope was to have lots of elite runners in the race and wanted to get them out on the course and keep them clear of the bottleneck-However, it is a smaller elite field (hopefully bigger next year-I'm already working on more prize $$)anyhow there are a handful of folks I consider elite (Anita Ortiz for example) who do not wish to be started at the front.

    There are 3 aid stations per loop. Two of them will serve folks twice. I think it is a lot for an ultra but I wanted to cater to the mid to back pack runner as well as the elite field.

    I hope all you "fasties" have a great day and enjoy the course. Feedback is appreciated at any time as my goal is to have a race that is well organized. Sometimes RD's see all of the details so many times we take things for granted. The pre race email was sent this evening, so hopefully that helps participants with some of the details.

    Thank you for your support-see you in 5 days!

  12. Wife and I are coming from Georgia for this. Looking forward to it!

  13. Glad to hear about Marco running.

    Andrea, thanks for the update! So if I understand you correctly, no elite wave? I too prefer a regular start... with a dirt road beginning, not "that" many people and 50K to race, passing won't be too much of an issue. I don't think many Ultras have separate waves.
    With a great course, reasonable entry fee, park pass, prize money, 3 (6 total) aid stations and a great lunch afterwards... you already have set up an awesome race. Thanks!!

    RJinGA, I think the weather should be good and the trip worth while (coming to CO is always worth it!).

  14. Totally agree with that Jason, there aren't any ultras with waves as far as I know, even WTC with 700 folks was mass start. Folks who are fast are up front and separate pretty quickly.

  15. I bet that it is a great race. I would try the 25 km and I bet that most of the people at pph free trial community will do the same.