Sunday, May 22, 2011

Green Mountain Frontside Personal Best and Run With Levi

It really has been a while since I posted!

Much has happened in the last 3 or 4 weeks.  I'll start with a personal best up the frontside of Green.

From my comment on GZ's FTK link from April 28th:

"The body has been a bit compromised due to sleep, stress and the Cheyenne 50K Saturday is still taking a bit of a toll on the legs. I wasn't sure I would time the run as I warmed up, but further realizing the opportunity I decided I would let emotions/sentiment and the heart lead this one!

This was my second time up the frontside (32:07 back in Jan was my first) and I totally wasted too much energy on the first mile running 16:48. I believe 30-40 seconds slower on this mile would have equated to 60-90 seconds faster on the second mile. I was thoroughly hurting once I reached the top in 30:49. I dry heaved up my fruit leather and some foam and stood hunched over for a few minutes. I'm very happy (could have cared less about the split while I was at the top!) to get under 31, but hungry to run the route smarter.

I REALLY enjoyed the run down more than ever today. I just love running in the mountains and I will miss it like crazy for the next 6 or so months while in Iraq. Probably my last TT until December."

I think I am 4 seonds behind Anton's best and 3rd overall.  Wish I could have one more go on Green...

I did run up Green that Saturday from my house and then on my Brithday that following Tuesday (May 3rd) I treated myself to a birthdady run up green and and bear from eben g. fine and back with Levi.  Running up Bear Pk. is always magnificent.  Great day on trails.

The Birthday Boy on the top of Beark Peak

Levi scrambling up the tricky final ascent of Beark Pk

My Beautiful wife enjoying fragrant flowers on a blossoming tree in Boulder

We ended up logging 18 miles and 5k+ of climibing on this perfect day. 


  1. Great job at the Dirty German today. I was working aid station #2 and you looked strong the whole day. What did you think of the trails in Northeast Philly? I'm running UROC as well. Good luck with your future events.

  2. Thanks pain runner! The Dirty German was awesome... Race report in the works later this week.

  3. Nice work Schlarble.. did I hear correct from GZ that you were in the middle east?

  4. Thanks Dave, it hurt enough. GZ is sort of right. I'm in the East, soon to be Middle East (mid June)

  5. Congratulations to him. I think that it is great to do a trip to the mountain in your birthday with your friends. I got in my last year birthday a pph free trial