Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lowes & Running In Arlington Virginia

Arilington Trail Running

Craig establishing an airway for me at my training

After finishing my training in New Jersey I had the opportunity to spend about 3 days with my best man Matt Lowe and his wife Ann Lowe at there beautiful house in Arlington Virginia (a couple miles from DC).

Ann enjoying some late night pizza
Matt being cool

I rolled into Arlington Saturday evening just in time to catch a nice run from Matt's house.  We ran on some sweet single track along a few small tributaries to the Patomac river and then next to a branch of the Patomac looping back to Matt's house. 
Minutes from Matt's house

Matt on his trail

Back at the Lowe pad, we quickly showered and headed just two blocks down from the house to the American Legion where we bartered down the admision to enjoy The Montana State Testy Fest. Arlington VA is the last place you would expect to see Montana cowboys dancing, boozing and eating bull balls, but it was perfectly welcome for three Montana State University Alumni.  All you can drink and all the balls you can eat for one set price.  Perfect. 
Matt, Ann and I at the Montana Testy Fest

After a few half rum half coke beverages, food and some country dancing we were ready for a fine evening. 

Matt and Ann swing dancing... somewhere

Sunday Matt and Ann gave me a further tour of the local trails and Monday I went for a longer 2hr voyage up the Patomac trail system.  Overall I was really impressed by the quality trails, nice forest and the beautiful Patomac.  These would be my last runs in the US of A. 


You wouldn't think the Pentagon was 6 or 7 miles away

The Patomac... I had to break the rules and go for a swim

There were a lot of cool tributaries that came tumbling down the bluffs into the Patomac

Theodore Roosevelt Island is a must see for nature conservationalists, thanks Matt

Thank you Lowes.  Thank you Virginia.


  1. Is that a decapitated snake?

  2. Testy fest! Awesome! Reminds me of home...

  3. Awesome run and rally pics! Great to see some fun w/ the Lowes...

  4. GZ,
    Something killed the snake... not sure man.

    Patrick, it reminded us of home to. Where is your home?


    It was a great weekend!!

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