Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Tenative Race Calendar

- February 11th USATF Cross Country 12K Championships, St Louis MO

-March 17th Chuckanut 50K, Bellingham WA

-April 28th Leona Divide 50M, Lake Hughes CA

-May 12th Quad Rock 50M, Fort Collins CO

-June 23rd Western States 100M, Auburn CA  OR San Juan Solstice 50M, Lake City CO

-July 28th White River 50M, Crystal Mountain WA

-August 18th Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon, Manitou Springs CO

-September 14th Run Rabbit Run 100M, Steamboat Springs CO

-October 20th Antelope Island 50k/100k, Syracuse UT OR November 3rd Mountain Masochist 50M, Lynchburg VA

-December 2nd Kepler Challenge 60K, New Zealand

Very excited for this year's racing! 

I'm on the team for February's XC race in St Louis!

Besides the Kepler Challenge in New Zealand, I honestly look forward to running the San Juan Solstice more than any other race.  Maggie Felix and I will be living down in the San Juan mountains June and July as the "Juans" are our favorite mountains in Colorado. 

If I were to qualify for WS100 at Leona Divide, I might take that opportunity. 

I'm also considering the Pike's Peak Ascent or Marathon.  I have wanted to do the ascent race for a long time and rummor has it Anton and Killian may be running the marathon this year... a good year to be there! 

In November, Maggie Felix and I will be bike touring the South Island of New Zealand  for 3 or 4 months.  While in New Zealand, I will do my best to run a number of their top trail races.


  1. Yeah, Pikes (preferably the ascent though..... ;)).

    1. Agree. Hopefully nobody convinces me of the full.

  2. Hi Jason, I was born and raised in NZ (now live in CO) - if you have never been there before - you will love it, especially the South Island = trail runners paradise.

    1. Craig,
      I was there when I was a kid (little bit of time on the north and south), it was quite magical. It has been a dream for a number of years to go there. I'd love to chat about recomendations, etc... We are going to bike tour the south island for 3-4 months.

  3. Sounds like a fun year of racing Jason! I'm going to be trying to qualify for WS in May. If you decide to run Masochist in November, let me know. I live like 20 miles from the course and would crew and pace if you wanted.

  4. You are in VA now!? What are you up to?

    Good luck in May (Iceage?) and who knows, maybe I'll see you at WS100. Although I'd kind of like to do the San Juan Solstice regardless...