Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Summary February 20-26

Monday- 5M, :44; Easy run from home. 

PM 9.5M, 1:14; 300Ft Climbing; Easy run on the bike path. 

Tuesday "Green Mtn Middle Time Trial"- 14M, 2:07, 2,500Ft Climbing; After attending cadet PT at 6AM at the Balch field house, I did a 2 mile warm up as the cadets were stretching and headed to Gregory Canyon trailhead.  I was excited and motivated to run a faster time than last weeks "med-hard" effort up Green Mtn.  Things started well and I was going at around 80% up Gregory Canyon, then to Green Mtn Lodge.  At the lodge I was about 90 seconds (16min and change) faster than last week.    Heading up to the fork for Ranger and Greenman, I was confident a sub 40 was going to happen today.  Just past the turn up Greenman, I ran into dense snow drifts on the trail.  The drifting was from Monday night's heavy wind, but was relatively infrequent.  A little annoyed, I still felt I could get a good time and be well under 40.  Unfortunately, the drifting only got more consistent resulting in a slow, energy sucking battle to the final switchbacks.  Although my effort level increased to 90%+, I wasn't going to get my ego boosting sub 40 ascent today.  What I did get going up Green Mtn, is a great workout and a 41:19, which is actually a minute 26 faster than last week's jog up Green.  I refuse to move on to another route up Green for my TT until I break 40 on this middle section.  

Wednesday Hurricane Running- 4.8M, :40; Easy run from home.  Right leg started to feel tight in the hip and groin area.  

PM 8.25M, 1:12, 600Ft Climbing; I ran from work up to the Mesa trail and down Skunk canyon to the cemetery.  Mesa and Skunk were super muddy, but fun.  Once I reached the cemetery I experienced the strongest winds I have ever felt while running.  The wind blew me off the trail and down part of a hill for 20-30 feet.  I was amazed at the strength of the wind.  I "miss out" not having a TV and hearing the facts and stories from wild weather days, but I am certain this was one of the windier days in a while.  Back on campus I was literally stopped in my tracks, blown off the sidewalk, etc...  I did hear a story from John Tribbia of a stick penetrating the wood siding of his house.  My TFL muscle was sore and I could feel some bad tightness in my IT band.  Back home my IT was screaming at me when I used a foam roller.      

Thursday Tempoish Run with Aaron- 12.25M, 1:30, 300Ft Climbing;  I ran with Aaron Kennard this morning (his birthday) for a 6.5 mile tempo run on the bike path.  The bike path was slushy, snowy and wet, but footing was manageable.  We hit splits around 6:15-20 while we chatted comfortably until we turned around.  On the way back and up, things got a bit more challenging and I hit splits around 6:05-6:15.  Overall, not a "hard" workout, but good leg turnover with great company.  While it wasn't bad, my IT and TFL were certainly hurting.  

PM 4M, :30; snuck a run in at lunch on the bike path.  The IT was still talking to me.   
We had Marcus over for dinner and he did a series of treatments to my IT and TFL.   Very concerned the ramp up of mileage without enough stretching and visits to Marcus were going to result in a bum IT.

Friday- 10M, 1:40, 950Ft Climbing; Ran my hillier route of Wonderland this morning.  

PM 6.5M, Easy run around town. 
I could feel my IT/TFL, but still only at an annoyance level of pain.  

Saturday Slush, Mud and Eldo- 14.5M, 2:08, 1,800Ft Climbing; Ran from the most southern trailhead on 93 over to the S. Boulder Creek diversion and into Eldorado Canyon.  I looped back around with some off-trail running.  Today was certainly very wet (as in water flowing down trails) with serious mud and shin deep slush due to temps breaking into the 50s for the first time this month.  30 minutes into the run I stopped making serious efforts to avoid  the elements.  
After Marcus' treatment Thursday, stretching and hitting the foam roller multiple times a day, the IT tightness issue was resolved!  
Approaching Eldo

Sunday Long Run with UROY Dave- 25M, 3:50, 2,000Ft Climbing; Met up with THEE Dave Mackey for a run from Hiel Ranch to Picture Rock trail and into Lyons then back.  The run started with some unexpectedly cold winds, but things quickly became warmer as we got into the woods.  Dave and I took it easy, talking about all sorts of pertinent things and random things running on mostly dry and snow free trail.  The rocky climb up Heil was fun, followed by the awesome descent on Picture Rock trail.  I love biking this route and running this route, but the Picture Rock section is really fun with its smooth trails and open views.  Once in Lyons Dave and I filled up with water and headed back.  Picture Rock's red dirt turned a bit muddy, but nothing terrible.  We cruised and chatted the whole way back and both felt surprised to be back at the truck and done with a near 4 hour run.  This was my first long run with someone else in almost a year... I think.  I can't believe how quickly this long run went by.  
UROY Dave Mackey 
Dave's new car

Summary: This was really a fun week of running.  While I managed to run a lot of miles have a medium effort tempo a fun long run and a good workout on Green, my energy levels running and muscle health seems to be very good right now.  I did have a close call, thank you Marcus, with my IT, but overall very happy with my training and health.  
Next week I hope to keep the mileage high, add some more climbing, keep up the TT and run the tempo faster.  If all goes to plan, I will be in a good place entering the two week window before the Chuckanut 50k.  

Weekly Totals

114 Miles
8,250 Ft Climbing
40 Miles Biking



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