Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Summary 5 - 11 March

Timoth Olson, Me and Anton

Monday "Chautauqua Tour with the Pear Izumies"- 8.58M, 1:36, 2,500Ft Climbing;
Met up with Anton and Scott Jurek to give Timmothy Olson, Dylan Bowman and Ian Torrence on a tour de Chautauqua.  Ran up the front side of on a Anton route that landed us on the top of the ridge connecting the two "flatties".  The run was of course steep and "techie" as Anton loves (I love it too).  We continued up to Greenman for Geen's summit and enjoyed some photo ops and good company... quite the contrast to my normal solo experience.  We ran down to Bear Canyon where Dylan, Anton and Timmothy went up to Bear and I headed down the canyon to make my 8:30 staff meeting.  It was a short run, but a run I really enjoyed the great company. 

Timmothy and Dylan Bowman
Timmothy, Me and Anton
Anton, Ian Torrence, Scott Jurek, Me, Timothy Olson
PM: 6.11M, :50, 200Ft Climbing;
Bike path and some turf running barefoot at BHS track. 

Tuesday: 10M, 1:23, 800Ft Climbing;
Ran the hillier part of my Wonderland trail running.  I have had four nights of poor sleep combined with the 120 miles of training last week = flat today.  Just felt slow and awful and my right lower calf needs some rest. 

PM: 4M, :36, 200Ft Climbing;
Felt flat and tired on my 4 mile loop from campus.

Wednesday: 7.39M, 1:08, 600Ft Climbing;
Snuck in a run this morning before work, still flat and tired.

PM: 7.18M, :56, 350Ft Climbing;
Ran up the bike path into the canyon.  I was hungry and getting that "bonk" feeling for the first 20 minutes... not cool, then I got through the bonk and ended up feeling better than I have for the last two days. 

The big boy... Felix
Thursday "Tempo Intervals/Visualization Run": 12.79M, 1:39, 400Ft Climbing;
Today was an important run for me.  I warmed up to a 3/4 mile flatter section of trail by wonderland lake where I did general mobility and some strides.  Today's workout was focused on getting the legs and mind ready for the fast flat 10K that starts and finishes the Chuckanut 50K.  The workout was comprised of 8 x 800 meter repeats with a quarter mile "faster" jog between.  The effort for the 800s was a touch faster than the pace I would be comfortable running for the opening 10K at Chuckanut. Mile pace splits for the 800s: 
AVG 5:36
Again, this wasn't a "hard" workout, but rather a drill in getting the legs and head ready for racing Chuckanut. 

Wonderland Lake
Friday: 7.15M, 1:00, 800Ft Climbing;
A little flat and tired again today for a run on the hillier wonderland trail route.  Today was the first time I have heard the Western Meadowlark.... very excited for this halmark of spring!

PM:6.82M, :53, 300Ft Climbing;
Up the bike path and over to Kitteredge fields for a couple miles of turf barefoot, push-ups and sit-ups.  Doing my best to take it easy and recover this week for a nice taper next week. 

Turkeys at Heil
Saturday Long Run: 21.2M, 3:06, 2,500Ft Climbing;
"Almost" ran with Dave Macky this morning for a long run, but it didn't work out.  Drove to Heil ranch to hit up the Heil to Picture Rock out and back run.  I really enjoy this nearly all snow and mud free single track route.  Picture Rock is a bit "hot and dry" feeling for me during the summer, so now is the perfect time to run here, not to mention the biking bonanza that accompanies this route once the bikers wake from hibernation (to include me every once in a while).  I ran with 4 oz of EFS and my hand water bottle.  Being solo with awesome trail conditions and weather combined with me be anxious to get back and hang out with Felix and Maggie, I "over-ran" this run a touch.  I turned around just short of Lyons and decided to use snow to re-fill my 20oz water bottle.  I drank maybe 30oz of water total.  Felt a little tired, but I was running a touch faster than easy long run pace.

Sunday:9.1M, 1:12, 700Ft Climbing;
I had a rare afternoon first run today.  Other people, like Dave, do a lot of afternoon and evening running and while I used to do this, I really dislike the late starts now.  I felt crappy again on the first 30 minutes of my run.  I believe the sleeping issue I had earlier this week and last combined with 3 weeks of big mileage has put my body in a "time to recover" mode.  I did turn a big corner on the second half of this run and felt great coming home. 

Felix and I had a great ride around Boulder Creek... Felix jumped into the creek and I pulled him out sitting waste deep.  He didn't cry....? I had a change of clothes though!
-Started the week with a very fun group run, did a little bit more flat recovery running, had a great race simulation workout Thursday that was very encouraging and felt good on the longer run Saturday.  Overall a good week of pulling back the reigns a touch.   

-I stress out a bit about feeling tired on some of my runs this week.  Leading up to Bandera, I forced a good bit of hard running shortly after TNF 50 combined with traveling for Christmas that resulted in a "burnt-out" body come race day (and during my taper).  On the flip side, this training block (7 or so weeks) has felt a lot less rushed and foreced and was much more comfortable and easy despite being of higher quality. 
      -US XC was a great experience and I am happy to see I could run sub 5:30 for a XC 12K.
      -The last 4 weeks have averaged out to 110 miles/week and until this taper week, I've felt strong nearly every day

-I pretty much always feel tired and "off" during tapers, but I am battling the ghosts and fears from showing up to Bandera flat and overtrained! 

-The RATIONAL reality is that I feel good, I'm prepared but also, I am a bit tired from a solid training block.  Time for an easy week of light running to set up for an awesome race result at the Chuckanut 50K next weekend. 

Surprising thing to see on a bike ride around Boulder
100.32 Miles
9,350 Feet Climbing


  1. lovin the solid training you've been doing. hope you have a great race this weekend! so pumped for quad rock, looking forward to hangin out.

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