Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New FKT Up Frontside of Green; Weekly Summary 16-22 April

Monday- 13.32M, 2,000Ft Climbing; My Monday run has become my favorite run of the week... something about running from work during the warmth of mid day up into Bear Canyon.  I really love this run.

Tuesday Tempo Intervals- 10.94M, 400Ft Climbing; Did 8 x 800 meter tempo repeats vs last week's nine.  Felt a little tired and also wanted to keep thing very relaxed as this week is a little less intense and tapered.  Averaged 5:38 pace on the 800s back and forth on the trail.
Did some body work with Marcus Allen this afternoon to workout some small kinks, great stuff.

Wednesday- 7.19M, 550Ft Climbing; Was a bit sluggish this morning as I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights.  Nice to run with Marcus this morning though.
PM HORRIBLE- 5.1M, 300Ft Climbing; I debated all the way to the 2.5 mile turnaround heading back to work.  I was absolutely dragging my tail on this runs.  Maggie is sick, I haven't been sleeping well and running hard.  I felt terrible this afternoon and was very scared I was going to get sick... not good timing for Leona next weekend.

Thursday NEW PR UP GREEN'S FRONTSIDE... NEW FKT????- 14.02M, 3,300Ft Climbing; After taking it easy Tuesday night and some decent sleep I was a new man this morning ready to take on the mighty "Front Side" of Green Mountain.  Here is the FKT Page from GZ's FKT pages. My Report:
9 days short of a year ago was my last "Frontside" ascent (30:49), so I felt I was way overdue for a go. After feeling really tired and flat the last few days, I woke up ready to go this morning. After a good warm up and a little mobility work in the Gregory parking lot, I was off. Legs felt pretty good from the start and the first half mile went relatively well. The second half mile I was feeling the burn and didn't have that next gear to productively "run" what I consider the hardest half mile of the route. I power hiked a number of steeper sections before the Greenman turn-off and end of the first mile. My mile split (very close to the turn-off) was 17:18, which was 30 seconds slower than last time's first mile. I was still optomistic as I knew that I felt I spent too much energy on the first mile last time around (I didn't do much power hiking at all). The next flatter half mile was great and I was able to open it up and quickly make up time. I ran pretty much the last half mile to the top and clocked a 30:18 to the post. Coughing, eyes watering and totally spent I was happy with my TT ascent PR. A few seconds later I was analyzing how I could run sub 30 minutes, sick how that works.

My 30:18, moved me up to second overall fastest time in front of Anton's 30:44 and behind Rickey Gates' 28:48, but after some review by GZ, Anton Krupicka and Dave Mackey, Rickey's time isn't "official" and I have the FKT (see comments on GZ's FKT page from above)... feel a little funky about how this worked out.  Well, it was a goal to have all the FKTs up Green.  

Friday- 12M, 600Ft Climbing; Ran easy around Wonderland trails.  
PM- 8M, 300Ft Climbing; Did an extra run today as I will be pushing Felix in the Chariot for tomorrow's run.  

Saturday Run with Felix-13.23M, 400Ft Climbing; Ran down the Boulder Creek Bike Path with Felix in the Chariot.  Felt pretty good and enjoyed the late morning run with all the company of Saturday bike path users.  Really enjoyed seeing the huge crowds at the Boulder Saturday Market as well.  Ran just under 8 pace with Felix today.  I've also been taking advantage of soaking in the Boulder Creek after my runs, I think I soaked 5 times this week.  

Sunday Long Run WIth Kendrick and Dane-  17.1M, 3,200Ft Climbing; Dane Mitchell met me at my house where we ran to the base of Sanitas to rendezvous with Kendrick.  We ran up Sanitas, which is something I really wanted to do so I could get a feel for the route in preparation to eventually run the ascent as a time trial.  Just jogging up at an easier pace we ran 19 minutes and change.  I really don't know what sort of time I can manage up this highly variable short climb.  From Sanitas we took the full tour of all the trails along the foothills running North all the way to McGukin's warehouse where we turned around and ran home on the flat trails.  

Synopsis- The highlight of the week was running a 31 second PR up Green Mountain's Frontside, very happy to see my climbing strength is better than ever.  I am confident I am in my best Trail Ultra shape ever.  Consistency, efficient and proper running form, massage therapy, transitioning to Hokas, nutrition, mileage and quality workouts have brought me to a great place in my running.  My last 4 weeks have been 97, 124, 125, 100 for mileage, I've done a speed workout each week, 3 weekends of 50 miles and 2 new FKT/PRs up Green Mountain.    
I'm always a little nervous on rather I've over trained, rather I should taper more this second week out before Leona Divide, etc... but I am feeling good, I've reduced the mileage by 25 miles this week, I've stuck to my plan and I am ready to race well next weekend.  

100.8 Miles
11,050 Feet Climbing 


  1. I did not take the shift there lightly, and so Rickey's run is still listed (as is Lucho's) ... just in a place to reflect how those are a bit different.

  2. I certainly know Rickey ran faster up Green than I ever have and I hope I didn't/never come across otherwise. Thank you GZ for being the "keeper of the times" and I appreciate your commitment to maintaining an accurate record of so many people's run times up Green. See ya soon!

  3. Hey good luck at Leona Divide!! You'll kill it man. The Juans are juaiting...

  4. Nice job Jason! I'm sure you will dip under 30 soon.