Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Running Through the Mountains Around Telluride

Here is a video of me talking about Vitrago.  Vitargo has honestly been a huge enabler and improvement over any other fueling product I have used in the past.


  1. Mountain runners. . . Required equipment = Scruffy beard!

  2. I'm a little curious about your intake at San Juan Solstice...Is Vitargo all that you consumed or did you consume other calorie sources as well (solid foods, gels, Gatorade, etc.)? Also, did you drink water along with the Vitargo? If so, how much (since I'm assuming the Vitargo provided a significant portion of your needed fluid intake)?

    When are you going to start growing out your hair? Trust me, the mountain man beard is best accompanied by long hair.

  3. Tony and Kendrick,

    The beard is pretty full now, not sure if I'll be able to grow a mane like you though Kendrick.


    I only consume Vitargo, I shy away from mixing products regardless. No solid food for me either, maybe during a long 100 (over 15hrs).
    I mix around 200-500 calories of Vitargo with about 20 oz of water. I try to drink at least 20oz of water (Vitargo mix) every 40 minutes dependent on weather.