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Iraqi White River 50 Mile & Weekly Summary 8/8 - 8/14


On Saturday the 27th of August I am going to run a 50 Mile race in Iraq.  
The "course" will be based off the White River 50 Mile that took place on the 12th of June in Washington.  I hope to get in a good race and remind people of the sacrifices US Service Members are still making daily for our country. 

This is how the race will go down:
-12:00AM Iraqi Time/3:00PM Mountain Time Start
-10 Miles on a treadmill set at 9.5% grade for a total of just over 5,000 feet of climbing
-a 15 mile loop on the dirt and sand of Iraq
-another 10 Miles on the treadmill at a grade of 9.5% for 5,000 feet of climbing
-a second 15 mile loop on the dirt and sand 

 My goals and purpose in running the Iraqi White River 50 Mile:

-Get a 50 Mile race with 10K of climbing under the belt this summer while in Iraqi

-Run faster than the winner, Uli 6:49, at The 2011 White River 50M
-See if I can help support troops/veterans or at least remind people of the sacrifices US service members are making for our country today

-SUPPORT-       What YOU can do!!

-If you, your sponsor, or company would like to send Air Force and/or Army Enlisted troops deployed here in Iraq fitness product, contact me and I'll give you my APO address in Iraq.  It is no more expensive shipping to an APO than shipping elsewhere in the US!
-Spread the word about the race/cause to other runners who might be interested in supporting the troops
-Donate to "Wounded Warrior Project" , mention the race and feel free to post on my blog that you donated

-Weekly Summary For 8/8 - 8/14-

AM 1:15, 9.46M, 139Av Hr;
Didn't sleep well last night and decided to risk running at 6:15 vice 5:15... It wasn't that hot, but the last two and a half miles were into a 20mph headwind. Still tired, heart rate a bit high too.

PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft, 147Av Hr;
One of my more tired days. First mile and a half went fast on the Treadmill then I had an epic battle fighting off a #2. There are no bathrooms at the gym. Usually I lose these battles and have to stop, but for once I managed to finish the run.

Tuesday- Fastest Speed Yet!
AM 1:34, 12.23M, 145Av Hr;
Had a decent night of sleep, but the wind was up so I decided to run my quarter mile repeats on the roads around my new residence.

The first 4 repeats were on the dirt and gravel roads, but the last 8 were on the pavement with the recovery jog on the dirt. The wind was around 12-20 mph. Most, with the exception of the second interval, was with the wind at my back.


1) 4:57 on a gravel road
2) 4:59 into the wind on pavement
3) 4:53 on dirt
4) 4:47 on dirt mostly
5) 4:44 pavement for the remainder of W/O
6) 4:50
7) 4:45
8) 4:38
9) 4:37
10) 4:32
11) 4:22
12) 4:23

Average pace was 4:42 or 70 second quarters. Last two were 65s!

This was a good way to finish my speed training sessions: nice and fast. I certainly know I have re-developed my speed. I think it is essential to have a dedicated speed workout once a week for around 6 weeks every 6 months or so. 

PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft;
Afternoon on the treadmill.

AM 1:19, 9.49M, 125Av Hr; 
The recovery run after my fastest speed workout of the year... VERY slow.
Only ran one mile under 8 min pace, but the heart rate was the lowest it has been too, 125 average.  Hope the legs recover for tomorrows work at the Pit.

PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft;
Regular afternoon treadmill run.

Thursday-PR AT THE PIT!
AM 1:11, 9.1M, 1,450Ft, 154Av Hr; 
Screwed up my alarm this morning, drove over to my start point a little late.  Started at around 5:30am. Felt pretty good on the warm up and general mobility... a little nervous and anxious as I ultimately wanted to finish this last focus week with my best performance at both my speed workout (done!) and at the Pit. Being that I have been exhausted for the last 3 days, I didn't know how it would turn out.

Things started well with a 1:12 and I managed to maintain splits under 1:15 out and pretty much under 1:30 back, but it was no cake walk. At the half point I checked my watch and I was nearly 30 seconds ahead of last weeks times, but I was having to give a lot to keep things fast.

I managed to hold on and ran my last two intervals in 1:12 and a record 1:08 to finish with a new overall best of 38:47 for the workout... 16 seconds faster than my best time at The Pit. My average HR was 154 this week vs 150 last week, 171 last week for max, 175 max this week... I worked for the PR.

It felt great to kill this workout.   

PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft;
Felt good on my afternoon run.

AM 1:14, 9.44M, 131Av Hr;
Slow recovery run with a low heart rate.

PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft, 150Av Hr; 
This afternoon's run was a little more challenging than normal with a AV HR of 150.

Saturday- The 10M Diving Board and Longest Long Run
AM 3:33, 27.9M, 3,086Ft, 145Av Hr; 
Sleep was not great. Woke up confused a few times thinking I slept in and wouldn't be able to get in my long run. I also had a horrible dream about missing the pool and landing on the cement when I jumped off the 10 meter high dive. Both my ankles were broken, but I was OK. My parents then took me to check out apartments where I crawled around with my legs broken. Wow.

Got up at 3:30am and headed over to the USACE mini-gym where I set up my laptop and ran 7:30 pace at 6.5% grade for 9 miles and 3,086 feet of climbing. I enjoyed listening to music from my laptop and skyping with my wife. I decided to take off my shirt as no one was in the gym. My sweat was overwhelming... it got my laptop wet and eventual soaked my shoes like I had crossed a creek, good simulation!

I headed out for the sunrise and just short of 19 miles. Once again, I meant to run a bit shorter on the loop, but miscalculated. My legs were heavy, slow and stiff, but I managed to keep the pace around 7:30. The last 3 or 4 miles I was really hurting, I was feeling the last two workouts and the big mileage. Looking forward to a nice taper to the Iraqi White River 50 Mile. I wore the compression sleeves the rest of the day to help recover.

Drank 2 servings of EFS lemon lime with 30OZ of water on my treadmill portion of the run. Drank about 60 oz of water with 4oz of EFS Liquid Shot Berry on the trail loop. Finished with the daily Ultragen; you can't imagine how good it tastes after running a long run in August in Iraq.

Sunday- Efficiency
AM 1:17; 4.46M, 126Av Hr; 
I felt different this morning running. The legs began stiff, but a few miles into it I felt no one muscle or area that was particularly un-happy... after such a long run yesterday and epic week?  HR was at 126.  My body is really adapting.  Time to put the body to the test.

PM :30, 4M, 525Ft, 133 Av Hr;
A little afternoon jog on the Treadmill at 2.5% grade.

111 Miles
10,311 Feet Climbed
14:23 Total Time Running 

I'm ready for a solid 50 mile!


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