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Race Update and Weekly Summary for 8/15 - 8/21

Iraqi Goat Skin Art


Product & Support: 
-Thank you Gabriel Rodriguez & Under Armour for your generous donation to the troops out here!
-Thank you Fleet Feet Boulder Colorado for you support and donation!
-Thank you Marcus Allen Massage Therapy for your support, encouragement and getting me interviews with Runners World & Trail Runner!
-Thank you Levi Severson & Brian Dumm for your support and encouragement!
-And thank you Maggie Schlarb for all of your endless support, encouragement and love!

-Thank you for spreading the word and encouragement:
Lyle Weese
Jeremy Wolf
Ken Coop
Emily Thompson LaGiglia
Chris Zepeda
Krissy Moehl, 1st Endurance

More information on the race, how to support, etc... at the bottom of this post

-Weekly Summary For 8/15 - 8/21- 25% Taper Week

AM 1:00, 7.4M, 123Av Hr;
Felt nice to run a little shorter. Av Hr was 123!
PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft;
Afternoon Treadmill


AM :56, 7.5M, 700Ft;
Decided to sleep in.  Ran on treadmill. 

PM :30, 4M, 844Ft;
Afternoon treadmill.

AM 1:00, 7.55M, 130Av Hr; 
Easy morning run.

PM :28, 4M;
Tired this afternoon, so I did a flat treadmill run instead of the regular climb.
AM 1:02, 8.3M, 1,000Ft, 149Av Hr; 
Woke up well rested and felt good during my warm up and general mobility drills. Today I did 11 intervals vice the standard 15 as I am tapering for the big race just 9 days out. Ran an average split on the hill repeats of 1:12, 1:13. The first and last interval was 1:09 and after rolling my ankle on the 8th interval (had to take a minute and walk it off too) I ran a 1:16.

At the half point check (8) for the regular 15 interval day, I was 20 seconds faster than ever. My heart rate average was lower this week as well. Things are shaping up well!
PM :30, 4M, 1,050Ft; 149Av Hr;
Regular 4 mile treadmill run, 1K of climbing.

AM 1:00, 7.41M, 126Av Hr;
Cooler weather (high 80s) felt great this morning. Nice easy run with a low heart rate

PM :22, 3M, 400Ft, 132Av Hr; 
Easy 3 at 2.5% grade 400ft climbing
AM 2:22, 18.38M, 1,700Ft,146/136Av Hr; 
"Slept in" until 4am for this long run. Did 4 miles on the treadmill at 8% grade for 1,700ft of climbing at around 8:15-8:20 pace with an average heart rate of 146. I am confident I can hammer out 8:20 pace at 9.5% for two 10 mile sessions for the race.
Headed outside and did a 14.35 mile loop around base. Felt good, but thought my watch was broken as I felt as if I was running faster than it said for the first few miles. Heart rate was at an average of 136, average pace of 7:35 for the loop, which I'm happy with. I am confident I can run 7:40 pace for the two 15 mile loops next week.

AM 1:23; 10.16M, 130Av Hr; 
Scoped out half my route for the first 15 mile portion of my race this morning. Felt good.
Picture I took last winter while on a long run in Laramie WY

This week went pretty much as I hoped.  I wanted to reduce my mileage from last week's 111 by around 25%, which I did.  What I didn't plan on was getting as much climbing as I did and having such a good workout at the Pit after last week's tiring week.  I did decide to skip speed and just do one focused workout.  
As normal, I feel a bit tired and off when I taper and I attribute this to the body finally recovering and rebuilding after working so hard for weeks and months before.  Sleeping well, feeling well and confidence is building about my race in 6 days.  The race, splits, fear and confidence about running all occupies my mind more and more.  
The support for the race has been awesome and will make the difference.  The donations, support and encouragement has been awesome.  Marcus has really gone out of his way to get running publications like Trail Runner and Running World involved. Levi has been a real enabler with our "virtual training partnership" his emails and even letters.  Finally, my wife is amazing... she has done the little things to keep me going and smiling, she is the best.  I'm ready to meet my goal of running under 6:49 (Uli's winning time from this year's White River 50) 

85.7 Miles
6,744 Feet Climbed
11:03 Total Time Running


On Saturday the 27th of August I am going to run a 50 Mile race in Iraq.  
The "course" will be based off the White River 50 Mile that took place on the 12th of June in Washington.  I hope to get in a good race and remind people of the sacrifices US Service Members are still making daily for our country. 

This is how the race will go down:
-12:00AM Iraqi Time/3:00PM Mountain Time Start
-10 Miles on a treadmill set at 9.5% grade for a total of just over 5,000 feet of climbing
-a 15 mile loop on the dirt and sand of Iraq
-another 10 Miles on the treadmill at a grade of 9.5% for 5,000 feet of climbing
-a second 15 mile loop on the dirt and sand 

 My goals and purpose in running the Iraqi White River 50 Mile:

-Get a 50 Mile race with 10,000ft of climbing under the belt this summer while in Iraqi

-Run faster than the winner, Uli 6:49, at The 2011 White River 50M
-See if I can help support troops/veterans or at least remind people of the sacrifices US service members are making for our country today

-SUPPORT-       What YOU can do!!

-If you, your sponsor, or company would like to send Air Force and/or Army Enlisted troops deployed here in Iraq fitness product, contact me and I'll give you my APO address in Iraq.  It is no more expensive shipping to an APO than shipping elsewhere in the US!
-Spread the word about the race/cause to other runners who might be interested in supporting the troops
-Donate to "Wounded Warrior Project" , mention the race and feel free to post on my blog that you donated

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