Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekly Summary 10/31-11-6

Taking the 25' on Oh Be Joyful Creek, Crested Butte

Monday, Morning  Easy Run 
 First day of the new 2.5 miles up at 6.5%, 2.5 miles down at -3% followed
by one loop around base. 858ft of climbing.

  Total distance 10.77 Miles in 1:22:00 [7:36 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  136 bpm 

Tuesday, Morning  Speed Training 
2.5 miles up at 6.5%, 2.5 miles down at -3%,(858ft of climbing) followed by
a mile and a half run outside, half a mile of general mobility, then I did 8
x 210 meter/.13 mile repeats with about a 500 meter recovery jog. Splits in
mileage pace:
4:33 (partially on gravel)
4:35 (partially on gravel)
4:38 (on gravel)
Average split: 4:26

  Total distance 12.92 Miles in 1:39:00 [7:39 per mile] 
  Terrain Road
  Average HR  141 bpm 
Tuesday, Afternoon  Easy Run 
Afternoon easy run outside.

  Total distance 4.03 Miles in 30:00 [7:26 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  140 bpm 

South American Climbing

Wednesday, Afternoon  Easy Run   
  2.5 miles up at 6.5%, 858ft of climbing, 2.5 miles down at -3%, one loop

  Total distance 11.06 Miles in 1:25:00 [7:41 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  138 bpm 

Thursday, Morning  Easy Run 
  I couldn't get to sleep last night, so I slept in and snuck a quick 4 mile
run in before work.

 Total distance 4.02 Miles in 29:29 [7:20 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
Good Times

Thursday, Afternoon  Hill Training 
I DID IT!!! Warmed up 2 miles, then jumped onto the treadmill for my weekly
hill time trial, if you will. Set the treadmill to hill workout, level 15
and 8.4 mph (7:08 minute mile) for 30 minutes. The last two weeks I've had
to back down the speed and running 4.16 and 4.18 miles, this week I hammered
through, kept the pace and ran 4.20 miles with a total of approximately
1,600ft climbing (grade ranged from 5.5% up to 11.3%). The 11.3% grade is
absolutely brutal, but I did feel in the last minute I had a little bit more
to give... but working on patience.

Today was the happiest I've ever felt while running on a treadmill. My
average HR was 168 during the 30 minutes with a max HR of 183, that is
probably the highest average I have ever had since I got the watch 10 months

  Total distance 10.5 Miles in 1:22:00 [7:48 per mile] 
  Terrain Treadmill
  Average HR  168 bpm 
  MAX HR  183 bpm 
Friday, Afternoon  Easy Run 
  Easy run, 2.5 up at 6.5% grade, down for 2.5 at -3%, 858 of climbing. One
loop outside.

  Total distance 10.77 Miles in 1:19:29 [7:22 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  144 bpm 

Friday, Afternoon  Easy Run 
  Easy jog outside.

  Total distance 4.15 Miles in 32:29 [7:49 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  137 bpm 

Saturday, Morning  Easy Run 
  2.5M up at 6.5%, 2.5 miles down at -3%, 858 of climbing, one loop outside.
I recovered nicely with my heart rate nice and low at 135 compared to
yesterday's 144.

  Total distance 11.02 Miles in 1:25:00 [7:42 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  135 bpm 

Sunday Morning  Long Run 
Woke up rested and ready to go for my long run today. Started with 3 miles
climbing at 7% grade, 2.5 miles at -3%. Outside for 2 loops around base.
Today was the first day my hands were cold on a run in Iraq, I could
actually see my breath. The Ugandan guards were wearing down coats, stocking
caps, gloves, etc... They are always entertained seeing me run by nearly
naked in what they consider arctic cold winter. 3 miles more climbing at
7.5% grade, 2.5 down at -3% as I watched #1 LSU and #2 Alabama battle it
out... great game. One more loop outside, felt good, but the legs were
getting tired this week despite a sub 7 mile split on this last loop.
My HR on the first treadmill section was 136, two loops outside was 142,
second treadmill session 150 and last loop 151. 2,300ft total climbing.

  Total distance 28.17 Miles in 3:30:44 [7:28 per mile] 
    Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  142 bpm 

Weekly Summary:

107 Miles
13hrs 35min Running
8,190Ft Climbing

This week was satisfying with a good speed workout (4:26 mile pace on 8 x
210 meter), a new best on my hill time trial workout Thursday, over 8,000
hard earned feet climbing on the treadmill and my second biggest mileage
week in Iraq of 107.  Importantly, I am not a walking zombie, having any
signs of injury or getting burnt out.  I am also enjoying the cool weather
running and seeing the great sunrises and sunset while I run.  The light at
the end of this desert vacation is getting brighter and closer every day.
Next week I will continue on my path to more climbing incorporated into my
training while following the crucially important virtue of patience.  The
increase in climbing will also bring the more race specific training regime:
less speed and intensity, more climbing strength, endurance and aerobic
capacity.  This last 5 months I have usually had two significant workouts
and a long run each week, now I will start to move towards one hard effort
climbing workout and a bigger long run or even back to back long runs on the


  1. Dang, that level 15 at 7:08 pace sounds INTENSE. That is no easy task. But I guess that's why you can run up green in 32 minutes and it takes the rest of us mortals closer to 40. Solid week of running out there! Glad to hear your feeling healthy.

  2. Level 16 tomorrow... going to slow it down a bit and go for some more vert.

    Good luck this weekend, I can't wait to hear about your race.

  3. good stuff man! can't wait to have you stateside again. keep it up

  4. Thanks Solar Weasel, it will be good to be back. Nice work and beautiful pictures (while the camera was still working)on your Grand Canyon run! I really would love to do that trip.