Sunday, June 24, 2012

SJS50 1st place FINISH!

Join me in congratulating Jason in his 2nd FIRST PLCE finish in an ultra marathon in 1 month. My name is 'Bird-Dog' aka; 'Gator-Aid'! Jason agreed to let me co-author this blog post with him because he is still soaking his legs in the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River.

     Jason finished "The San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run" in 8 hours 13 minutes. This is the all time 2nd best time for this amazing run and is also held by Dakota Jones. Hosted out of Lake City, CO. at an elevation of 8,671, the race course takes the ultra-runners to climb almost 13,000 vertical feet.

     In this post we'll go over pre-race preparations, Jason's course strategy and his post race rituals. Ultra marathon running pushes the human body to its ultimate limit of stamina and endurance. Ultra marathon running at altitude on mountain wildwood trails is an entirely different animal! And, that's why jason takes extra measures to prepare himself for these massive challenges.

     Trail running can become confusing and loosing your direction is easy when fatigue and exhaustion set in. Jason showed me the race course on his topo map and he had already been to all of the intersections where the trail crossed automobile roads. Secondly Jason cross referenced the altitude changes and set goals for every aid station.

     When it comes to calorie intake Jason knows it's important to consume at least 200 calories per hour. His preferred method of transportation is 2 hand-held water bottles vs. belts or backpacks. Among his long distance trail running friends they find this is the fastest easiest way to transport their liquid and sports mix drinks. Jason's newest discovery in endurance racing technology is Vitargo. He says that this powder water mix is so far superior because of it's fast delivery engineering, without any chemical taste.  The other trend in endurance racing that is going well for Jason is his Hoka One's! 

These are not attractive looking shoes. . . In fact, Jason let me borrow a pair to wear around town and a 16 yr. old high school girl told me I looked like I was wearing 'Clown - Cruisers'! Ha!! ~ I had to laugh, but if you want my opinion, I'm not trying to impress anyone out on the trail and the comfort that Hoka One One provides helps me conserve energy on long runs. Jason completed his course running technical outfitting with polarized photo-chromatic sun glasses and Injinji socks which promote natural toe movement.

     After every run 12 miles or longer Jason makes it a point to soak his leg muscles in cold water for 12 minutes. He calls it the 12/12 rule and he thinks it can cut your recovery time in half. . Living on the road the most readily available cold water is any natural stream or creek. Although filling up the bath tub with cold water and ice is even more effective at cleansing sore muscles of lactic acid and reducing inflammation in connective tissue. Although, Jason stays away from alcoholic beverages in between races, his post race ritual always includes a frosty cold one! I saw Jason talking to a lot of the other runners, race officials and local media people.

The day after a race is the only day that Jason doesn't run at all. Swimming and hanging out with 'the fam" is what he's all about anyway and it was good to see him celebrate with relaxation. Jason tells me he will post a 'race-report' shortly, once he has some time to de-compress from the race.


  1. Wow, great job!!! Can't wait to read the entire race report. Keep killing it! Speedgoat is going to be an interesting race.

  2. ha way to rip it up out there jason! had a great time hanging with you afterward. see you at HR and of course speedgoat

  3. Thanks Peter!
    I'm working on the report now...
    Speedgoat 50K will certainly be a great race this year with all the amazing competition, ridiculous climbing and technical trails.

    Likewise, nice work on your 3rd place finish and bettering your time. I had a blast hanging with you and your friends at the hostel after the race. Look forward to seeing you a lot over the next few months.

  4. It looks like a great place to go. Specially the river. perhead costa rica and I are looking to go to a similar river.