Monday, October 1, 2012

Crew Support?

Anyone in the Virginia area interested in helping with some crew support at this Friday's (6pm start) Grindstone 100 Mile ?  Of course beer will be provided.  Should be a fun race to watch with Karl Meltzer and Neal Gorman racing.


  1. OH!!!! I want to!!!!
    I hear I'm pretty good too... And I excel at drinking beer.
    How do I volunteer?

  2. Can you promise dancing and cougar hunting?

    1. Ahhh yes Kendrick! I will do all I can.
      P.S. you weren't/aren't hunting, you were hunted...

  3. Tab,

    Perfect, you just did! If you would like to join the party (while fun, I know it is obviously greatly appreciated work and not much sleep), you can either call me 3 zero 3, three 59, 1885 or my email is and we can talk logistics.
    I do have my buddy, Matt, who will be helping, but more crew the better and it will free up Matt to pace a bit.
    Thanks man.

  4. No problem! I quite enjoy crewing.
    I will get a hold of you, or if you want to email me and tell me when a good time to talk would be, so I can interrogate you - I mean, get the details - that would work too.
    OK, emailing you now.

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