Friday, September 28, 2012

Another go... The Grindstone 100M

Post RRR Recovery Activities  @ Dads of Bracebridge "Hoe Down" Dinner and Fundraiser Bracebridge Ontario

After a thoroughly humbling experience at the Run Rabbit Run (RRR) 100 in Steamboat, I am giving the 100 mile another shot.  With a deployment to Iraq last year, no luck at the Western Sates lottery this year and now a DNF at RRR, a 100 mile finish is well over due. 

My body wasn’t all that banged up after the 50 or so miles I ran at RRR and I am more determined than ever to finish my first 100.  More importantly, RRR really taught me some essential lessons on “running” mountain 100 milers.  Had I been told patience is unbelievably important, did I know walking (not power hiking) for periods of the race doesn’t mean you are out of the hunt for a win, did I know there would be low points, of course, but that wasn’t enough.  Learning by doing and observing proved much more powerful than being told.  While I only did 50ish miles at RRR, I feel I learned some huge lessons that will be instrumental in future 100s. 

One goal, or rather expectation, I have for this year is to qualify for both the Hard Rock 100 and UTMB and the RRR was to be the means.  Fortunately there is another race that qualifies me for Hard Rock and I believe gives me the points for UTMB I need and lastly, isn’t too close to the December 1st Keppler Challenge in New Zealand… The Grindstone 100 Mile.  The Grindstone 100 is October 5th   in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.  The race boasts 23,000 feet of climbing on an out and back trail route and it just so happes one of my best friends in the world, Matt Lowe, lives in Virginia and can crew me.  The course record, 18:46, is held by none other than RRR champion and teammate Karl Meltzer.  What I didn’t know until a few days ago was that Karl will be racing this year as well.  The race looks awesome, I have support and the body is feeling ready.  Time to do it.  

Here are a coupe videos from Hoka and the RRR

Hoka Speedgoat 50K Video:

Pre-Race RRR Interview with Bryon Powell:


  1. Best 100 advice I ever got ...

  2. Good luck bro! Excited for you...way to jump right back on the horse.

  3. George
    Thanks for compiling this small wealth of 100 mile advice. Great stuff to absorb.

    Thanks man, really looking forward to it. My perspectives have certainly changed.

  4. it sounds like a wonderful great first experience. There are many things to learn from. Something nice to share with price per head software community.

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