Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Annual Boulder Beer Mile

Billy Edwards Directing Beer Mile Athletes Pre-Race

Last year I was with family in Leadville and unable to attend the Boulder Beer Mile, but this year I was able to make the prestigious event.

The week leading up to the race I didn’t think I would make the race as I thought I would go skiing in the epic powder at Vail.  Unfortunately the weather was unbelievably cold, the driving horrible from my house all the way to Vail, they didn’t get half as much snow as what I thought they were originally going to get out of the storm and Levi couldn’t join me for the trip… so to my first beer mile in at least 9 years. 
The day before (Thursday), I did my best speed workout of the winter with Marcus Allen and Aaron followed by a snowy 2:30 run up the trails in Chautauqua finishing an hour before the race start…

Levi and Marcus Allen joined in on the race and Maggie chauffeured us to and from.  The temps were hovering around a balmy 15 degrees, one lane was cleared around the pavement middle school track in suburbia east Boulder and we were ready to rally.  The event is put on by one Billy Edwards, a pro tri-athlete and former Marine officer (he competed against Levi and I before he got out).  Amongst the participants and fans were quite a few of the legendary professional tri-athletes of Boulder and even at least one world champion Ironman (women) Zeigler.  More impressive is that Zeigler is a 3 Time Boulder Beer Mile Female Champion running all 3 years under 9 minutes.
Just before the gun

The Boulder Beer Mile is truly an official deal that complies with all the Beermile website official rules.  All beer is at least 5%, we run a “true” mile of 1609 meters, not just 4 laps, puking before finishing requires an extra lap, women don’t get special exceptions, etc…  

Toeing the line I originally thought I might be the only person in a stupid outfit, but instead I was underwelmingly plain in my garb in comparison to the other 15-20 beermilers.  Jean tights, spedos, a gorilla, wigs, shirtless studs, were amongst my favorites.    

Marcus (left) and Billy on beer 2 or 3
The gun went off and I chugged.  First off, in my beer mile career I’ve never made the mile without puking during the race and I’ve never been clothed.  My goal was to avoid the puking.  Marcus Allen blazed the beer down either first or second and was off, I was a slow 6th or so after the first beer. 
Me on beer 2 or 3 with future beermilers watching

I slowly made my way up in place (funny, as this is how I always race) until on the last beer I was in 4th.  I slammed the beer and took off ahead of the 3rd place guy.  I was certainly battling to keep my beer and PB sandwich in the belly, but really wanted a podium finish. 

On the last 100 meters I could hear my competition’s spikes catching up to me and responded with a sprint… we finished within a second at full speed and I managed to capture 3rd place with a 6:57.  Fist place was 6:37, second 6:40 something.  I was happy to make my Boulder Beer Mile d├ębut amongst the pro tri guys with a 3rd place finish.  I puked twice within 5 minutes of the finish.  One lady finished in 22 something after having to do a bonus lap after puking. 
First Place finisher
Second Place Finisher Chugging

According to I am 305th worldwide, 122 American and 9th best Colorado finisher all time.  Funny.   Levi and Marcus finished in the top ten in 8 minutes high with Marcus edging Levi out.        
Female Champion!

Billy does and awesome job promoting and running this race, to include an awesome traveling trophy with all the previous year's winners names and times on the trophy.   
Buzzed Crew of me, Billy, Levi and Marcus

Next year I’ll be at the race and be a little better prepared physically and mentally… I know I have a 6:30 in me!
Spraying the winner with beer... of course!

I had another beer and went home thoroughly buzzed despite puking. 

Hope to see you there next year!

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  1. Nice job finishing strong for that podium spot! The winner definitely deserved 1st just for the outfit alone.