Sunday, January 9, 2011

Summary for Jan 3-9

AM 1:49; 13.04M; 933Ft; 139 Avg Hr; Easy around Wonderland.  My HR was a bit high for this run…
PM :24; 3.1M; 58Ft; 134Avg Hr; Quick easy run around hood. 

AM 1:39; 10.54M; 4,161Ft; 143Avg Hr; Green (Ranger) Ascent time trial! 35:49
Great crew of Levi, GZ and I, then ran into Homie on the top (Aaron taking it easy for his 5K).  I got going fast with Levi, but again, too fast.  By the last half mile of Ranger I did what I planned on never doing on Green… power hiked.  While it was only twice for maybe 15ft each time, I am pissed I did.  I lost my focus along with being a first half hero (just like last week).  Apparently the 35 minute mark is better than the 33 on the frontside according to the Green vets Homie and GZ, but I felt like I pushed my body harder last week.   I really wanted to get 34 minutes and beat the only time I’ve heard of, 35 minutes, by Nick Clark a few weeks ago.  I’ll get it next time I push up this route, I’m 100% positive. 
Looking forward to next week: either Ranger again or Greenman for the route up. 
PM :30; 3.71; 119Ft; 137Avg Hr; I ran to Kitts, took off the shoes, put on thick socks and ran in the snow for a couple miles followed by some bounding and jumping (hence the higher HR).

AM 1:30; 10.33M; 828Ft; 130Avg Hr; Greenland easy with Marcus.  This was the first day Marcus was ever late.  Had to capture that!  I’d like to get this easy primary run day pace closer to 8:00 flat as the body gets used to the training without going over 135Avg Hr.  
PM :32; 4.05M; 219Ft; 131Avg Hr; Easy recovery run to where we hope to move in June.

AM 1:30?; 11M; Flat; Great speed workout with a great crew!  Rob Coslick (good friend who moved to SD recently that I trained with last year), Dan, Marcus Allen, Aaron and I did intervals on the Boulder High Track.  Hope we keep a big crew for this Thursday workout regularly! 
Did 8 X 600M repeats with a 400M jog between each followed by 4 X 200M. Splits as I can remember them were:
1:54, 1:55, 1:53, 1:54, 1:53, 1:52, 1:51, 1:52 with a pretty wicked wind that added at least 3 seconds.  I ran all the 200s in 31 seconds, which is funky, as I usually run them faster as I go.  Aaron brought something to my attention that frankly scares me a bitt: “Ultra guys take a while to warm up”.  While I averaged five flat pace for close to 5K, which would have been more like 4:50 pace without the wind and four 200s at 4:08 pace, I would have probably ran them under 4:40 pace just 2 month ago… 
So yeah, it makes me squirm, but it IS what I want.  Change isn’t easy to swallow.
 PM :30; 4.03M; 136Ft; 143Avg Hr;  Easy double, HR was too high. 

AM 2:23; 12.59M; 3,368Ft; I am embarrassed by this one.  I felt flat and tired, but behaved and took it easy, but in result the run was ridiculously slow.  Home, EGF, Panorama, Green Mtn Lodge, Greenman, Ranger, same way home. 

AM 4:18; 25.5M; 6,500Ft; 143avg HR; Awesome double Green Mtn long run from the house, EGF, Panorama, Flagstaff, Green Mtn Lodge, Greenman, Bear Cnyn, Mesa, Pick up Rob Coslick, Mesa, Bear Cnyn, Green, Ranger, Flastaff, Panorama, EGF, Home. 
This was my first Green Mtn double ascent!  This run had a few milestones.  I only took 3 GUs, drank 20oz of water when I met up with Rob at the Chautauqua P.lot, felt totally fine the whole time to include the finish, and I finally ran into Anton on the trails (more on that soon). 
I ran over 4 minutes faster today from the house to Green at the same effort, so that was great.  Feeling strong the whole run was awesome and needing less water and GU was nice as well.  I carried my phone and 3 GUs for Rob along with 4 GUs for me, so my butt area was weighed down, but the tights worked well carrying it all and my micro spikes (for more than half the time). 
I really enjoyed the smell of melting snow in a sun-heated forest today. The forest smelled like summer or spring and I loved it.  It was great to show a great friend, Rob, my new running playground and routine.  This was hands down the most climbing on a singe run I’ve done besides my 50 mile race and only 2.2K less than that race day. 
On “running” into Anton… it sort of sucked.  After digesting the whole situation, it is not Anton’s fault really.  I idolize Anton quite a bit, but so dose every Ultra runner in the US and half the people in Chautauqua park on any given day.  So as I was climbing up Mesa with Rob I saw Anton coming down the trail, I said “hey Anton” and in response, Anton didn’t even really make eye contact or utter a verbal greeting or noise, at that matter.  
After the fact, I almost feel bad for the guy… I have a pretty good feeling Anton has a hard time getting a run done during a weekend day without numerous attempts by gah-gah fans stopping him to say hi and ask him silly questions about his running, training, what he eats, where he poops, what shoes he wears, etc…  He certainly gets more than enough of that on the blog!  Oh well. 
I wish I could have a picture of Levi and Kevin Clary’s (fellow MSU Bobcat 2:26 marathoner) face when I told them Saturday night that I ran 4hrs for 25 miles and 6K+ climbing!   

PM 2:02; 12.28M; 2,226Ft; 138avg HR; Had a very hard time starting this snowy recovery run.  I was obviously tired from yesterday’s long run, but more of an impact was my late night out with Levi, Rob Coslick, Kevin Clary and the ladies…  I had three distinct moments where I stopped running, looked at my watch, wished I was not running and considered options for cutting the run short or taking a flatter route.  After two “late nights” in the last month I’m very much realizing this Ultra training isn’t as forgiving as marathon specific training with regards to night life. 

Ran for the first time (hiked once before with Maggie) Sanitas.  Surprised by the numerous steep technical sections.  I would like to add this ascent to the weekly menu for a climbing second run of the day.  Ran down to EGF and up Boulder Canyon, then back home on the trails around Sanitas with a 1 mile out and back (terrible) to get to the goal of 12 total miles. 

A great week of training.  I feel this routine will work for me.  I look forward to settling into this training rhythm. 

Weekly Totals:
110.2 Miles
17:07 Running
18,548 Feet of Climbing


  1. Good meeting you this past week. Gonna go at it again via the backside this Tuesday?

  2. Another impressive week. Your times up Green are really strong!

  3. Likewise GZ and yes, Tuesday (tomorrow and hopefully most Tuesdays)at 6:25 in the Parking Lot. I wanted to see if the crew was down to do Greenman this week and complete the 3 route rotation, but as we have some new snow, the closest to a faster ascent would probably be the backsikde on Ranger. Next week I'd like to shoot for Greenman.

    See you tomorrow?

  4. On the fence actually - as I may defer for something a bit more turn over oriented through Feb (in ramping up for XC).

  5. Hey Jason, great job on the 35:49 in those conditions! I ran it the night before mostly moderate in 39. If it had been dry, the effort probably would have translated to a few minutes faster. On that note, I am sure you will get well under 35 minutes once the trail drys out and you get the route dialed. My best on Gregory/Ranger is 34:38 with mostly melted out conditions (compared to my 32:24 on Amphi/Saddle/Greenman) and I think Tony has me by a minute or so on the Gregory/Ranger route (Tony's time is the best I know of). Hope to see you out there one of these days. Jeff.

  6. Hi Jeff,


    It is nice to know some splits for ascending Green from some of the locals. 34 and 32 low is awesome for those sections!
    This morning was the most fun I think I have had going up Green (did ranger route)... it was beautifully snowy, the trees flocked and tons of light powder on the trails. I hit a few spots on the windy part of Ranger where it was knee to waiste deep, but since it is so dang cold I litterally could run through it. Needless to say I didn't better my time.

    GZ stuck to the flats today and Aaron joined a little late on Bear, but if you are ever interested in joining Tuesday AM, I'd love to meet ya.

    With that said, I'm sure we will eventually meet up on the trails randomly soon regardless.

    P.S. what is a good time going up Greenman all the way?

    See you soon!

  7. Hey Jason-
    Just found your blog via George. I have to apologize for the lack of a return greeting last Saturday. Honestly, I'm very nearly completely deaf in one ear (ruptured ear drum a few years back as a result of draining sinuses and a change in altitude) so it's very possible I didn't even hear you; while I don't say hi to ever runner out on the trail I certainly try to return any hellos! And with winter clothes and whatnot it's harder to recognize people. Hope to meet again on the trails sometime soon.

    Anyways, I agree with Jeff, your high-35min time up the back of Green last week is certainly impressive given the snow conditions. My best times are 33:39 up the back and 30:44 up the front...I've always thought the backside is ~2min slower/longer than the front. I've never timed myself on the Gregory-Greenman route at a time-trial effort. Almost the only time I take that route is when I'm feeling suuuper shitty and want to go as easy as possible (the long flat stretch of lower Greenman is a nice reprieve for the legs).

  8. Anton,

    Thanks for the reply. I apologize for painting the picture that you might have been being rude. I should have also mentioned the plain fact that while running opposite directions on a busy Saturday afternoon on Mesa,communication isn't always received... especially with a bad ear. Funny thing is that I too am borderline deaf/have horrible hearing loss (close to hearing-aid level), so you might have actually rendered a greeting. Funny!

    Thanks for the complement on Green and more so, your best times for ascents. I look forward to running with (behind) you soon!

    I saw your post on this evening's event... Anton, Dave M., Geoff, Scott J. are doing an informal interactive talk at Sherpas restaurant in Boulder tonight at 6pm; my wife and I will be there.

    It makes an immeasurable impact on a sport when the icons of the sport are humble, good natured and all around "good guys". Thanks for that Anton.

    Lastly, a small group of us do a faster Green ascent Tuesdays from the lower parking lot at 6:30 and a faster flat Thursday workout(600M-1600M repeats or Tempo stuff)at the same time Thursdays as well. We are very flexible and accommodating on the workouts.
    The nice kicker for Thursdays is that in the rare situation, like this week, when tracks and bike paths don’t have good footing, I have access to the indoor track in Balch. Let me know if you are ever interested in jumping in on a session.

  9. Congrats on the birth of your son!! Cool name choice too with Felix. Life changes a lot from this point...just fyi, but for the much better...albeit sometimes more challenging.