Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Summary for 1/9 to 1/16 FELIX ALLEN-EMERSON HAS ARRIVED!!!

AM :35; 4.08M; 296Ft; 142Avg Hr;  Easy run to wonderland lake and back, I think the new snow might have been why my HR was so high.

PM 1:24:19; 12.01M; 568Ft; 145Avg Hr; Did a rare Boulder Creek path run from work.  As I have been running hard on the trails lately and average 8:30-13:00/mile pace so often, I wanted to see some 7:00/mile splits.  This is when a GPS watch is dangerous… once this idea settled into my thick head, there was no turning back.  The first mile was in the 8s (before the idea settled) but after than it was 6:40s to 7:00 every mile.  The run wasn’t supper flat and there was a decent amount of slick packed snow from the plows on the path.  The HR should have been in the 130s for this recovery day, but then again it was good for my ego to get under 7:00 pace for all but 1 of the 12 miles. 

AM 1:53; 9.75M; 2,911Ft; 144Avg Hr; What was supposed to be a Green Time Trial day turned into a super fun snow run up Green.  Aaron  was late… punk, I took off and ran up the backside/ranger to Green and down Bear.  I no kidding, had so much fun playing in the snow.  Sunday and Monday’s storm was not windy, so the trees and mountains were postcard beautiful.  It was slow as heck, but I didn’t mind and had a smile on my face most of the way.  Met up with Aaron, as he finally got out of bed and knew I would be coming down Bear.  We had fun and I had my first total fall on the trails.  Today was great fun, but not an amazing workout (Avg Hr of 144 shows that), but I don’t fret about hitting splits, etc… training for ultras, I’m having fun!

PM :38; 5.34M; 254Ft; 139Avg Hr; My affection for running 7 flat on the BC bike path was still live and well, but at least I got under the 140Hr.

AM 1:41; 12.06M; 807Ft; 130Av Hr; E-run from home, wonderland lake, N.Boulder trails and back home.  On this run I turned a corner with regards to being able to run the amount of volume and intensity I have thrown at the legs and not feel so flat on my easy recovery days.  The last couple of weeks I have been feeling pretty tired and running pretty slow on the E-runs. 

PM :31; 4.27M; 73Ft; 137Av Hr; E run from work to Kitteredge Fields for 3M barefoot.  It is unbelievably nice that the turf fields are plowed during the winter.    The CU Buffs distance guys were on the fields doing an easy run as well at the same pace… felt crowded passing each other every 3 or 4 minutes. 

AM 1:50; 13M; Flat; My hands down best speed session this morning on the indoor track with Aaron.  4M warm up, 2M cool down. 8 x 600M with a 400M jog recovery followed by 4 x 200M with a 400M jog recovery.    
600Ms= 1:52, 1:52, 1:52, 1:53, 1:52, 1:52, 1:50, 1:48.  1:51 Avg; appx 4:55/M pace
200Ms = 33, 32, 31, 29. 31 avg; appx 4:08/M pace
I’m thinking one more week (5 under the belt) with this workout and then some longer intervals. 

PM My foot was sore from speed this morning so I didn’t run. 

Went and listened to Anton, Scott, Geoff, and Dave talk about running at Sherpas in Boulder, when I got home Maggie went into labor... apparently this motivated Felix to make his appearance!

PM :33; 4.02M;  What started as a fresh air jaunt on zero sleep, turned into a short 2 mile run in the dark to Levi’s house to tell him the birthing story!  I couldn’t wait to get back to Felix.

AM :31; 4.04M; 171Ft;  I hoped to do a 2hr run, but it just wasn’t in the cards as I was exhausted from no sleep Thursday night and the 2 hour interval sleeping Friday night.  I ended up just running the 4 miles home from the hospital, got the house picked up for the family home-coming and biked back to the hospital.  I certainly couldn’t of done the PP50K!

PM 1:38; 9.5M; 2,923Ft; 152Av Hr;  Tonight was my first experience on how a baby can take a long time to transport…  It took nearly 90 minutes to get out of the hospital and once I got home, I had a hard time prying myself away from Felix.  I had to get back up green after literally having it displayed in our hospital room for the last two days (as seen in new picture at the top of my blog).  I drove to REI to get a headlamp so I could run in the dark and then headed up Green from the parking lot at 6:30PM.  I made it up to the Gregory Canyon trail head in 6 minutes and 9 seconds just jogging… this should have been a sign that I was ready to roll, but I thought nothing of my minute faster than usual jog up to the trail head.  I started to jog up the canyon a few meters without taking a split, then thought, well, I might as well, ran back and took the split.  After a few minutes of easy jogging I decided I might as well get a decent time since it was the first time the snow was actually fast going up Green this winter.  As I got maybe a third up Gregory, I finally committed to the pretty outrageous notion of testing my thoroughly sleep deprived body on my first ever headlamp Green ascent.  Low and behold at the only place I ever look at my watch (green mtn lodge), I was over a minute faster than my best time.  The irony continued and I charged all the way to the rocky tip of Green Mountain via “the backside”/Ranger trail route in 33:28.  I couldn’t believe the time.  I was hoping to hit a low 35 PR or MAYBE, a sub 35, but 33:28 was a bit shocking.  My legs are no longer sissy road-running toothpicks.  My grin and happy thoughts literally lasted all the way down Bear Canyon across Mesa to the huge skunk by the bridge at the Gregory P.lot and down to the car.     

AM 3:56; 23.33M; 4,872Ft; 140Av Hr; Had a fantastic long run where I met up with Jacob Rydman, visiting from California, at the parking lot of Chautauqua Park after running from home, up panorama, flagstaff, green mtn lodge, 5 minutes past the lodge (ran out of time for a summit) and down Gregory.  I showed Jacob the famous Frontside, Amphi, Saddle Rock, 1st Flatiron(??), steep way up Green per his request… too many names.
Jacob was doing well despite running with Anton and Scott the day before at the PP50K, wearing Microspikes that were a bit too big and not to mention running at 6-8K feet when home is at 250ft in Caly!  We cruised down my favorite trail in the park, Bear Canyon, where we saw Hommie (he said he is going to make it to Tuesday's workout!) to mesa and back to the parking lot.  Jacob and his buddy headed to lunch and I cruised 7 miles at 6:50-7:15 pace with 3 miles at Kitteredge barefoot.  While not as much climbing as some of my other long runs, I felt awesome and daydreamed about upcoming races.    

Totals are a little flatter, faster (good thing), and about 15 miles short due to the day and a half I didn’t sleep, was at the hospital and playing with Felix!

Miles 101.4
Climbing 12,721Ft
Time Running 15:11

This was a very special week as I witnessed my super star wife birth our son Felix Allen-Emerson Schlarb.  She did so phenomenally well birthing him 100% naturally.  Maggie never once complained, she never was discouraged, she never thought of using drugs and she did the whole thing in 7hrs, where the average first labor is 10-20hrs.  The nurses were amazed at her calm and how well she did.  My week running, where I nailed a great speed workout and got a surprise 2+ minute PR up Green’s backside, hardly registered in comparison to meeting Felix.



  1. Jason - congratulations!!!

    And I don't mean on Green.

  2. Thanks George!

    See ya Tuesday and Thursday this week?

  3. Probably gonna pass on Green. I want to do it, but I think I ought to do something flat, quicker - as least through San Diego.

  4. Makes sense. See you Thursday then.

  5. Jason - Thanks again for taking the time to give me the tour of Green Mt (and for being patient with my tired legs from pp50k! ha ha) Had a blast out there with ya man. And thanks again for allowing Brian and I to shower up at your place before heading back home. If you, Maggie, and Felix are ever in our neck of the woods, Our home is always open to you guys.


  6. If I'm not mistaken, that's 11 seconds faster than Tony's best time up Ranger. Awesome time bro! I'm stoked to see what kind of thrashing you lay down at your next race...and moreso to get my butt kicked by you again in the morning.

    Oh yeah...and congrats on Felix ;) (that was the way more important congrats of course, but I already posted that one on your previous post) What a great week for you and Maggie. And give her my props for doing it naturally, that's so cool. She will take away so much empowerment and strength from that throughout her life I'm sure.

  7. You are welcome Jake!
    I enjoyed the run and getting to know you. I look forward to a run someday in Caly or maybe a race together.

    Thanks Aaron on the congrats on my new PR on the backside of Green... I actually ran with Anton on Kitts this evening and he told me about his timing method for the front and backside. I was pleased to hear he times "post to post", not post to tip top summit like GZ. If this is the standard (who knows and really, does it matter that much), I can improve my PR to 33:16 (33:28 to tip top) for the back side and today's PR on the front side to 32:07 (32:19 to tip top). I need to harass Hommie for not joining us today too.

    You are right Aaron... Maggie amazes me! She will certainly gain strength from the awesome birth she had.

  8. Ummm ... I tend to float back and forth on the top of Green thing. When I do it as a hard work out on my own, I don't count the top of the rock. When competing against others, it seems that is a necessary crown to grab. Never gave it much thought.

    A bigger difference is the top of Bear. A lot of folks stop their time at that post there before the last scramble. That is significant. I count the top there.

    Where you going in the AM?

  9. GZ,

    Makes sense. Bear certainly has a lot of real-estate between the post and the awesome summit.

    We are going to meet at BHS track at 630 to warm up then do some intervals. Talk of doing the same workout, but 800s instead of 600s.

    Does that time work for you?

  10. I expect to be there. Particularly with this snow flying now - I will be glad to join.

  11. Jason - what do you think? Should we move to the indoor location considering this snow? I'm pretty sure BHS is going to be snowed in in the AM from the looks of things...

  12. Meet at the Buffalo at CU at 630 indeed (not BHS).

  13. Jason, huge congrats on the birth of your son!

    Also, some amazing times you are putting in on Green, ESPECIALLY considering the snow, running it at night and being somewhat new to running the peak, nice work! It is scary to think how fast you will be running it once the snow melts and you get it completely dialed. I suspect you might be chasing Ricky's FKT before long.

    I have always timed post to post on Green and Bear, just because I started comparing my times to others and that is what they did (Scott Elliott to name one). Green is insignificant, just a few seconds really, so I can quickly do the virtual math. I know I am having a good day when I can actually run those final steps up the rock without pause.

    Bear is different though and I typically use the summit post as a split, as it is another 30-40 seconds to the true summit (for me).

    Hopefully we can get some good TTs going again this Spring/Summer and try to get all the big guns and fellow bloggers out there.

    Congrats again!!

  14. Thanks Jeff on both Felix and Green!

    I am fully enjoying my new training and getting faster. WIth my relatively recent "roadie" background I feel Ranger is a great route for me at this point. I hope to continue to strengthen the endurance stair stepper abilities, if you will, to better tackle the frontside. Honestly, that is where Anton, Ricky and Mackey have but there best effort for a split it would seem. My soleus is a bit upset from my long run Sunday, but I'd like to also put down a good time on Sanitas. Sanitas is right in my back yard, has no snow on the ascent (as of today) and lastly the FKT is held by Killian... wouldn't it be nice to have that title owned by a Coloradan/Boulderite!

    "TTs"? Regardless, yes, that sounds awesome and look forward to bumping into you soon!

  15. Jason, Just checked out your blog... congrats on Felix. Cute little bugger. They gave you an awesome room at BCH; we got a parking lot view for our first.

  16. Hey Dave!
    It ceratinly was an amazing view from the room.