Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am home and it is wonderful to be back.

 Being with Felix and Maggie is unbelievably awesome.  I've been enjoying the family at home and not much else besides a morning run on the Boulder trails.

Flying from Iraqi to Qatar to Italy to Germany to Baltimore to Denver was challenging to say the least and I took two days totally off.  I unfortunately continue to battle to get decent sleep and had a one day 100+ degree fever.  Marcus Allen, my massage therapist, has put my muscles at ease from a long absence from his work.  I've re-united with Green, Flagstaff, Bear Canyon and Mesa nearly a half dozen times.  Besides how unbelievably amazing it feels to run on mountain trails, the quads desperately needed some last minute attention before 10,000ft of down hill racing this weekend.

I feel good now and I honestly can't wait to be on the spectacular trails around Marin County.

No matter what, I will enjoy my run Saturday.

My Two Favorite People


  1. Glad you're back and in one piece. Thank you again for your service. Hope to see you at a local race soon.

  2. I thank you as well. Glad you are home man. Live large this weekend man.

  3. You are going to run great this weekend. You've got to be going into this race more rested than anyone! I'm stoked to follow your progress Saturday.

  4. Welcome back. Good luck in CA...and don't go nuts on yet another plane ride!

  5. Patrick, GZ, Aarong and Jim,

    Thank you all! It is great to be welcomed back. Jim, after the two flights and the drive back and forth to Telluride, I'm pretty much a professional traveler.