Friday, December 23, 2011

Nick Clark's Chunky Cheeks, Bandera, Head Wound, Sumary of Runnign

7 days after the North Face 50 mile in San Francisco, I couldn't say no to hanging out with a great group of guys and running 50K the awesome trails west of Fort Collins at Nick Clark's annual 2011 Chunky Cheeks 50K.  While the weather was perfect, cool, but not cold, sunny (of course, it's Colorado) and perfectly calm.  The only problem was the ton of snow on most all of the trail and 7,000 feet of climbing.  Nick, Bowman, Burch, Vega and I ran the whole 31 mile awesome course together.  From the start I was flat and still a little sore, at 12 I was feeling it and you can guess the rest of the story. 

Perfect day and snow on the way up Green
 I didn't drink that much water or hit the EFS at any regular interval, as I was sure I wouldn't do the whole run.  With somewhere around 10 miles to go and 4 hours of pretty stout running I had only had about 300 calories and maybe 40 oz of water.  I hit the awesome aid station provided in the parking lot and endulged in a honey milk bevarage (my first ever) and most of a delicious donut.  The 1500-1700ft climb over 7 miles was brutal and I did some power hiking.  I came close to giving an all I had/race effort push to finish this bad boy.  I gorged on the awesome food and beer as soon as I finished with Nick, Bowman and Burch in 6:17 (5:43 moving), no ultragen, streching, etc...

Crazier that running this arduous run 7 days after TNF 50, was that somehow I wasn't that sore or tired afterwards, as apparent in my running summary below. 

Saturday: 31 Miles, 5:43, 148Av Hr (pretty high), 7,000ft climbing, awesome time with great guys!

Sunday: 5.14 Miles, 128Av Hr pushing Felix in the Bob Stroller

Monday: 12.02 Miles easy on wonderland, 550ft climbing

Tuesday AM: 11.05 Miles, 6.5 Mile Tempo, 144 Av Hr, 500ft.  Felt good on this tempo running around wonderland with some snow here and there and some up and down. 6:36, 6:24, 6:02, 6:03, 5:55, 5:42 (last half mile).  Very happy with this workout after Saturday's beat down and 11 days after TNF 50. 

I love winter trails around Boulder
Tuesday PM: 4.29 Miles Easy, 34 Minutes with a mile and a half barefoot on kitts.

Wednesday: 12.08 Miles Easy on wonderland, 1:41, 550ft climbing.

Thursday AM: 11 Miles Speed Workout, 400ft, 1:27, 138Av Hr.  Had a good first speed session mostly before sunrise with some slick spots of snow on the bike path with Aaron Kennard.  Did warm up, general mobility, strides then 8 X 600 meter repeats with 600 jog between, then cooled down.  Pace for the 600s: 5:25, 5:16, 5:17, 5:09, 5:22, 5:18, 5:16, 5:25.  Happy with this one as I gave a medium hard effort. 

Thursday PM: 4.28 Miles, :33

Friday: 12.08 Miles easy on Wonderland, 1:42, 550Ft climbing.

Don't run on the sidewalk at night.... rest of the story is available in person.
Saturday: 12.29 Miles not easy run, 1:44, 300Ft climbing, 7.3 Miles pushing Felix in the Chariott.  Could not see out of my eye AT ALL on this run.  Depth preception was a big issue and I had a hard time in general.  Planned on originally doing 20, but just couldn't do it. 

Sunday: 23.21 Miles Long Run around Chatauqua, 3:50, 4,000Ft, 145Av Hr.  I could see half the time on this run, but only if I strained and thus made a pretty scary face (based on people's reaction, then Maggie's confirmation).  Ran up Flastaff, to Greenman, to Green, down Bear Canyon, South on Mesa Trail, back to Bear, all the way to Gregory, down and then over to Eben G. Fine for 4 more miles up the snowy west section of the Boulder Creek Trail and home.  Good last big climb long run before Bandera.  Snow, Slush, Mud and slow was everywhere. 

My favorite section of  trail in Chatauqua (Bear Canyon)
Very, very happy I could recover after TNF 50, then Nick's event, a busted head and pull out a 100+ mile week with two solid speed sessions and a good long (time wise) run.  Less climbing next week and the same speed sessions but in Bracebridge Ontario with the Canadian family. 

Weekly Summary-

102.3 Miles
6,850 Ft Climbing

It has been chilly in Boulder this December
 Bandera and the 100K USATF National Championships-

I am feeling great and thus decided Bandera would be well worth racing.  Great news is that A) my massage therapist, friend and running partner, Marcus Allen, will be joining we on the trip B) I have two great friends down in that area of Texas that will be joining in for the weekend of racing and fun, Mike Devloo and Mark Shwitau C) There will be great competition at this well run (Joe is an awesome RD) event, to include THE Dave Mackey, Nick Clark, Tim Olson, Dillon Bowman, Dave James and for sure others that I don't know about. 
I am ready and more than excited to be racing Bandera!



  1. Ouch! Thanks for the tip. I'm interested to hear more about the mugging

  2. Holy crap. The eye looks to be the least of the problem! For future reference, you are not a guy that does well with mascara.

  3. Based on the shiner photo I'm guessing it was you lapping the A Terminal earlier this week. Wondered who that was. A far better use of time than I made of mine...

    I did a Superman on pavement last winter and thought for sure I broke my arm. Sore for a month. Hope that heals fast.

  4. Full story on our next speed workout Aaron.

    GZ, you are spot on. The impact and wound under the bandaids is the real issue... the blood in my eye is just a symtom. I think I can look pretty good with mascara though. P.S. Mascara goes on your eye lashes.

    mtrunner2, hilarious! I had a feeling I'd see someone that I knew or knew me. I also ran into Brian Dumm, which was very cool. Yeah, it was the only way I could get in a run that day, 1hr or so/8 miles. My 3rd airport run. The headwound only cost me 5 miles on the next day's run (just too tired and coldn't stand no depth preception)

  5. Hope you are recovered well. If not, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the zombie out at Bandera Saturday.

  6. did you get in a bar fight?.... that looks like it hurt, now I have to come to Texas to hear your story :)

  7. Tim, the last of the "black" eye went away, the gash is pretty much closed, but still needs some healing. I'll be identifiable by the band aid and red blodd (scary) still on the white of my eye though!

    Dave, looking forward to seeing you man.