Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekly Summary 19-25 December

-Weekly Summary 19-25 December-

The Trans Canada Trail is Awesome!  Yes, my head is almost better.

Monday- 12.20 miles, 1:37, Boulder Creek bike path, 350ft

Tuesday AM- 11.03 miles, 1:13, 162Av Hr, 300ft 7 mile tempo on the bike path.  Felt better than I thought I would on this workout.  A little up and down for hills, some snow and ice on and off slowed things down a touch.  Splits: 6:01, 6:07, 6:09, 5:54, 5:44, 5:50, 5:45

Tuesday PM- 4.32 miles, :33, 141Av Hr

Wednesday- 12.53 miles, 1:42, 138Av Hr, 550ft, Wonderalnd fun

Thursday- 8 miles, 200ft, 1:00, DIA Termincal A run.  Ran into Brian Dumm (2010 JFK 1st) and Mtrunner2 saw me apparently.  My 3rd airport terminal run ever.  Not bad... Terminal A is the best with the sky bridge option.

Friday AM- 10.36 miles, 500ft, 138Av Hr, 8 X 600 Meter repeats with 600 meter jogs with general mobility.  Ran a under dressed cold/breezy one way speed workout run with the help of my awesome father in law Patrick.  Very scenic run along lake fronts and forest.  Happy with the splits considering the less than flat terrain and being really cold for the first few: 5:55, 5:16, 5:12, 5:21, 5:08, 5:11, 5:01, 5:08.

Friday PM- 4.96 miles, :41, 200ft, epic trails through the hemlock, maple, pine, beech, birch forest along the muskoka river.  I LOVE running the 20+ miles of trail at the door step of the Kernohan cabin along the Muskoka river in Bracebridge Ontario. 

Saturday- 30.02 miles, 4:15, 134Av Hr, 1,500ft, long run adventure!  Ran from the doorstep through the trails on the Muskoka river to the "Trans Canada Trail" system.  It was an adventure.  The Trans Canada Trail is awesome around Bracebridge.  Great forests, creeks, wildlife and solitude.  I did a sort of out and back with some mix-ups and challenges following the trail.  Last 4 miles were rough.  It was 2 degrees (Farenheight) at the start with about an hour of flashlight (yeah, no headlamp) running on trails and snow. I don't think it broke out of single digit temps for any of the 4+hrs.  My Nathan water pack worked perfect withthe tube in my coat, but I wasn't motivated to drink much.  My EFS was very cold and slow to come out of the bottle and I only had about 3ish oz, so maybe 350 calories for the run.  Awesome run. 

Sunday-12.28 miles, 1:40, 300ft, further exploration of the Trans Canada Trail into Bracebridge including running over a bridge with a 50+ft by 40 foot waterfall.  Awesome. 

Only In Canada
Synopsis-  Success with both the tempo and speed workout, good volume, nice 30 mile long run, flat (Bandera is fast and flat, plus I have done more than enough climbing the last month) for the last solid week before Bandera.  Would have squeezed in a longer run on Thursday, but with a 12"+ dump in Boulder on the day we flew, delays, the long flight, etc... 8 indoors was a blessing.    Running on the trails from the cabin in Bracebridge has been EPIC.  I need to get some better pictures though before I leave.  Pine needle soft trails with a light snow cover.... sweet.   

105.7 Miles
3,900 Feet Climbing


  1. Sounds like you're tuning in quite nicely for Bandera.. I love the quote "Bandera is fast and and flat".. that is a funny one.

  2. As a retired AF person I'm pulling for you. I was at Nueces working an aid station when you won and was real impressed with your race.

    Well maybe compared to mountains its flat but its not Rocky raccoon. It does have slower finishing times than Miwok. Largely because of the rocks and the hills while not long climbs are steep. Nick Clark calls the course "Texas Rock Torture" But there are some flat smooth sections. You should do well.

  3. All: bad choice of wording, I agree that Bandera isn't fast or flat literally. I wouldn't go if it was trully fast and flat. I guess I have "fast and flat" in my mind as I stop working on 5,000ft climbing long runs and hitting Green mountain 3,000ft day training runs and work more on leg speed and rolling trail recovery runs.

    Chris, thank you for your service! Thanks for also working an aid station at Nueces. I hope to see you at Bandera?

  4. I'll be there. It'll be my 4th time. Stuck between 14:30 and 15 so hope to break 14. I'm 6'8" (played hoops at USAFA back in the day) so not really built for speed.

    Based on how well you did at Nueces you should do well. Similar terrain. Bandera's hard sections are harder but easy sections are easier than Nueces (if that makes sense).

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