Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly Summary 10/3-10/9 October

Under control.  After peaking during my training phase and the subsequent DNF on
my race, I've been thinking, focusing and taking action to ensure that I
don't run myself down and push too hard to quick. 
I've been doing my best to listen to my body and not push to maximum effort during my harder days,
push to exhaustion on my long runs or beat myself down climbing on my
afternoon runs.  I've caught and stopped myself this last week from going
longer on my tempo and hill workout.  Both hard workouts this week weren't
as "hard" as they were back in July and August, by design.  I want to cool down feeling
"ok" after a hard session, not struggling to complete cool downs at 8+
min/mile pace.  This new startegy will hopefully prevent me from over training and enable a long gradual build up to racing in a few months. 

Monday, Morning  Easy Run
  Comments My legs were tired and heavy from the long run yesterday.

  Total distance 9.03 Miles in 1:11:00 [7:51 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country
  Difficulty Normal [Rating: 3]
  Average HR  139 bpm

Tuesday, Morning  Tempo
After a 2 mile warm up, I ran 7.2 miles at around an average pace of
6:10/mile on the dirt. Felt good, could have kept going for more miles, but
going to ease into this weekly workout. Two miles cool down.

  Total distance 11.03 Miles in 1:15:00 [6:47 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country

 Average HR  149 bpm

Tuesday, Afternoon  Easy Run
  Easy run around the footprint. Not sure why my HR was so high.

  Total distance 4.39 Miles in 33:00 [7:31 per mile]

 Terrain X-Country

  Average HR  150 bpm

Wednesday Afternoon  Easy
Today was my last day running out into "Iraqi Land". My running world is
going to shrink from the 17 mile perimeter (4 ish mile by 4 ish mile cube)
to a 1.25 mile by 1.25 mile square. I really enjoyed the open fields, seeing
and hearing the birds, the foxes, etc...

  Total distance 10.02 Miles in 1:17:00 [7:41 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country

 Average HR  134 bpm

Thursday Morning  Hill Training
 DId my first treadmill hill workout today. No more Pit. 2 miles warm up
outside then jumped onto the treadmill. Set the treadmill to "hill" level 13
(of 20) at 6:58min/mile pace for 30 minutes. The average grade was about 6%
so approximately 1,500 ft of climbing in 4.8 miles. I ran 2 miles at
6min/mile at -3% grade. Overall a good first treadmill hill workout. 2 mile
cool down outside.

  Total distance 10 Miles in 1:15:00 [7:30 per mile]
  Terrain Treadmill

  Average HR  157 bpm

Thursday  Afternoon  Easy Run
Afternoon run around the footprint.

  Total distance 4.39 Miles in 34:00 [7:44 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  137 bpm

Friday  Morning  Easy Run
Easy run. HR higher than I thought it would be.

  Total distance 9.05 Miles in 1:10:00 [7:44 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  152 bpm

Friday Afternoon  Easy Run
2 miles at 5% grade, 520ft of climbing, 2 miles at -3% grade.

  Total distance 4 Miles in 30:00 [7:30 per mile]
  Terrain Treadmill
  Average HR  146 bpm

Saturday  Afternoon  Easy Run
Morning easy run.

  Total distance 10.07 Miles in 1:17:00 [7:38 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country

 Average HR  137 bpm

Sunday Morning  Long Run
Started this long run with 4 miles at 5.5% grade (1,161ft climbing) followed
by -3% for 2 miles on the treadmill. After the treadmill, I hit the dirt
looping around base for 16 miles. I felt great today as shown by the 7:18
average pace and 142 average heart rate. Good stuff.

  Total distance 22.06 Miles in 2:41:00 [7:17 per mile]
  Terrain X-Country

 Average HR  142 bpm

In sticking with my plan, I kept the mileage in the 90s, only climbed 3,121ft
in 10 runs.  Next week I plan on staying in the 90 range for mileage, but
upper 90s, with hopefully a little more climbing.  I've got two more months
here in Iraq before I'm back in the mountains... I can see the light at the
end of the tunnel and I will do everything I can to reach my goal of returning
fit, not burned out, and a stronger runner than when I arrived.

94 Miles
3121 Feet Climbing
11hr 45min time running

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