Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly Summary 10/10-10/16

Weekly Summary 10/10-10/16
The New Guard Towers

Monday, Morning  Easy Run 
  Comments Easy run this morning. Happy with a 132 Hr.

  Total distance 9.1 Miles in 1:10:00 [7:41 per mile] 

  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  132 bpm 
Monday  Afternoon  Easy Run 
  Comments I was tired, slow and flat on this second run around the base. I
went to bed early after the run and felt spent. Hr was low at 128

  Total distance 4.59 Miles in 36:00 [7:50 per mile] 

  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  128 bpm 
Tuesday, Morning  Tempo 
  Comments Warmed up to a beautiful sunset. Ran 8 miles at around marathon
effort pace. The first mile was on loose gravel into the wind, wasn't
totally warmed up and ran a 6:40, second mile was partially on gravel and at
6:30, mile 3: 6:15 and then the rest of the run was between 6:00-6:08. Felt
good on the 2 mile cool down. This was just a medium hard tempo like run to
keep up the endurance speed as reflected by the Av Hr of 145 (with warm
up/cool down).

  Total distance 12.07 Miles in 1:24:00 [6:57 per mile] 
  Terrain Road
  Average HR  145 bpm 
Tuesday,  Afternoon  Easy Ran to the gym and did 2 miles up at 6%
grade, 633ft of climbing, 1.7 miles at -3%. Good HR of 137

  Total distance 4 Miles in 29:00 [7:15 per mile] 
  Terrain Treadmill
  Average HR  137 bpm 
Wednesday,  Morning  Easy Run 
Morning run with the full moon setting, sun rising. Nice and quiet on my run
with so many people leaving the base. Took the run slow and easy.

  Total distance 10.07 Miles in 1:18:00 [7:44 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  142 bpm 
My new work area....  and my new Stash
Thursday Morning  Hill Training :
  Comments I was looking forward to this hill workout. Did my warm-up and
general mobility and headed to the gym for the hill workout. Set the
treadmill to "Hill Workout" level 14, 6:58min/mile. Level 14 vs. 13 was a
BIG jump, with some climbing over 10% grade. I got 4.16 miles in 30 minutes
with 1,605ft of climbing. 2 miles at around 6:40 pace at -3% grade. 2 mile
cool down. I had to slow down to low 7 min/mile pace for the last 10 minutes
of the 30. This workout was very challenging.

  Total distance 10.83 Miles in 1:23:00 [7:39 per mile] 
  Terrain Treadmill
  Average HR  162 bpm 
Thursday Easy Run:
 2 miles climbing at 6%, 2 miles down at -3%.
  Total distance 4 Miles in 29:00 [7:15 per mile] 
  Terrain Treadmill
  Average HR  137 bpm 
Friday, Easy Run 
  Comments Felt very tired on this morning's run.

  Total distance 9.27 Miles in 1:15:00 [8:05 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  134 bpm 
Saturday, Morning  Easy Run:
Last night I skipped my second run 20 seconds after starting... just felt tired.  Still feeling a bit tired/slow today on this run. Forgot my HR monitor.

  Total distance 9.16 Miles in 1:14:00 [8:04 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
My Mission 
Sunday, Long Run:

Started this long run on the treadmill doing 4.5 miles of
climbing at 6.5% grade (1,544 feet) then 2.5 miles at a -3% grade. I took it
easy on the climb today as I felt flat and tired the last two days. On the
down hill running I still felt less than ideal and ran a little slower than
normal. Outside I didn't start off feeling great and was nervous that it was
going to be a painful long run. The weather was a little hotter than
previous days, but OK. At around mile 5 (12 total) I turned a corner and
found myself running good pace and feeling great.
Three unique things happened from here, a sotrm rolled in and I felt my
first rain drops ever in Iraq (4 months), followed by some wind and sand, I
found an enourmous "bullet" and last, I lost my favorite running hat of all
time. All three events made for great distractions and before I knew it I
only had 3 miles to go. Felt better at the end of this long run than I
usually do.

Total distance 24.02 Miles in 3:03:00 [7:37 per mile] 
  Terrain X-Country
  Average HR  145 bpm 

Final Thoughts

Things are coming along.  I got a good deal of running done this week and kept things under control.  I stugle to accept doing a "tempo" that isn't sub 6 min pace, but that really is my old school running brain not accepting my new school running workout.  I battle myself each week between the balance of ultra trail training and doing "fast" running for all my workouts.  I'll stick with one more week of tempo next week and then consider options from there.  
Thursday's hill workout was more challenging than I thought it would be going from "level 13 to 14" on the treadmill.  This workout took a lot out of me resulting in one less afternoon run, being tired for a few days and a 7:37 avg pace insted of maybe 7:27 pace for the long run.  I hope to repeat this week next week with less fatigue at the end of the week. 

97.11 Miles
4,354 Feet Climbed
12 Hours 21 Minutes


  1. Nice Stash! And good job getting out there running so consistently.

  2. You are doing great with you runs. I probably if I wasn't on pph free demo. I wouldn't be running because I am not so good in it.