Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Summary for 9/26-10/2

All Star Iraqi White River 50 Mile support crew, aid station workers and friends.  SPC Liam Kelly, SPC Jason Driscoll and SSG Matt Spady (he is 6'4" or so, but is crowching to fit in!)
Weekly Summary for 9/26-10/2

This has been a big week for change.  The weather has cooled off remarkably since July and Augsust.  Overnight lows in the 100s, highs in the 120s, mandatory wake ups at 3:30-5:00am to avoid the worst tempatures has been replaced by highs in the low 90s and overnight lows down to the chilly high 60s(yes, it feels chilly) and waking up at 5:30-6:00 to run.  After a week in 80s for mileage, I've moved up to the 90s.  After a month of being in a physical and mental low point for running, I've continued to enjoy, savor and look forward to running more and more over the last two weeks.  My running has improved both in quantity, average pace and intensity.  Lastly, I've moved to a new job and office here at Tikrit Iraq.

Monday AM 1:09; 9.13M 139Av HrAwesome run in the mysterious sand fog... visibility down to maybe 100Ft.  My eyelashes were covered in dust along with my hair, clothes and skin. 

Tuesday AM 1:09, 8.96, 145Av Hr; Easy run.  Didn't feel as good as yesterday. 

PM :28, 4M, 500Ft, 138Av Hr; 2.5 miles up at 5%, 2.5 miles at -3% grade.

Wednesday AM 1:22, 9M; 1,500Ft, 154 (173Mx)Av Hr;  Great first session back at the pit!  38:45 for 15 intervals.  1:09-1:15 was my range for intervals times.  Surprised how much hill strength I mainted from the previous training block. 

Battle Station for the 10 mile 5,000ft climb legs
PM Took the afternoon off, feeling a muscle below my calf after my first day back to the pit. 

Thursday AM 1:09, 9.04M, 138Av Hr; Easy run.

PM :33, 4.34M, 139Av Hr; FIRST AFTERNOON RUN IN IRAQ!!!!

Friday AM 1:10; 9.47M, 140Av Hr; Warm-up then 8 x 1 minute fast, 2 minutes jog.  Felt pretty good on this lighter speed workout. 

After my 15 mile loop... DNFing
 PM :33, 4.43M, 141Hr;

Saturday AM 1:17, 10.04M, 144Av Hr Nice morning easy run.

PM :33, 4.43M, 131Av Hr; Nice outdoor afternoon run.  Feeling good on this run, Hr 10 less than yesterday's run (same pace/distance) 

Nice butt sweat
Sunday AM 2:28, 20.1M, 792Ft, 143Av Hr; Started this long run on the treadmill where I ran 2.5 miles at 6% grade then 2.5 miles at -3% grade before heading out for a 15 mile loop around the base.  Once off the treadmill

Great week back at it.  Had a few runs where I felt awesome.  The workout at the Pit was way better than I thought it would be and I felt great on my long run.  I have to be sure to be patient and keep next week in the 90s not 100+ mile range.  

Weekly Summary:
93.3 Miles
2,792 Feet Climbed
11 Hours & 51 Minutes

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