Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We are a week shy of 4 months on the road.  For the first time in those nearly 4 months I am traveling alone without Felix and Maggie for more than a few days.  As can be imagined, traveling for such a long time can be challenging on relationships and we both are looking forward to some therapeutic “away time”.  

On my first day away from Felix and Maggie I was excited for a little change and did enjoy the freedoms of moving at my very own pace and selecting activity with no one else in mind.  In the early evening on this first day alone, I was driving from Copper Ski area to Leadville and was beside myself admiring the splendid golden and orange aspens painting the mountainsides.  After the initial awe of the beauty I immediately was disappointed Maggie and Felix weren’t there to enjoy the fleeting splendor of the fall colors.  

Later on in the grocery store, I realized that I could debate over my salad dressing selection for however long I wanted (way to long for most people) and I relished this freedom.  Then, as the sun began to set over Twin Lakes, I found that I wasn’t really enjoying how lonely it felt without my travel companions, my son, my wife… my best friends.  I drove 5 miles back to the first place I could get cell reception to tell my family how much they were missed, with no regard to leaving my clothes, food and everything else sitting next to a stream.  I miss them.  I acknowledge how fruitful a little break is, but I am also experiencing some painful withdrawals.   
My Wonderful, Missed, Family


  1. I can give you some NLP for that if you want?

  2. Sounds like you made the right choice on staying in or getting out. Can you imagine doing another whole year admiring the splendor of running in the gravel pits all by yourself?
    Take care buddy and hug them tight!

  3. Its an amazing feeling to yearn for someone you love even after a short time gone. Take care

  4. I hear that. I am oftens time yearning for a bit of freedom, but once I get it, I miss the family and am anxious to get back to them.