Monday, September 3, 2012

Glacier N.P, Whister B.C, Seattle WA, Teton N.P.!

Joffre Lakes, BC

It has been a while since my last written post.  The month of August has had some high points and low point for running, but overall my running has been productive.  Our travels have taken us through Missoula Montana where we spent a week with Jeremy, Tiffany and Autumn touring around the Flathead Valley and Glacier.  
Wolfs, Schlarbs and Schwitau in Glacier NP

We were also fortunate enough to have Mark Schwitau travel with us for over two weeks.  After Montana we traveled to Seatlle and British Columbia.  We spent two one weeklong stays in Whistler and Squamish between two visits in Seattle.   
Michael Frianti, Yoga at Wanderlust in Whistler BC

In Seattle we stayed with our generous friends the Murphs, the Feists, Ben Brown and his girlfriend Annica and the Masons.  After the Pacific Northwest we headed to Teton National Park in Wyoming.  
Death Canyon in Teton NP
Visiting the Teton has been on the top of my list for years after seeing pictures and skiing Jackson Hole.  Exploring the Tetons has really lived up to our expectations boasting numerous large lakes at the base of massive mountains climbing nearly 7,000 feet up from the valley. 

Our travels have been overwhelmingly successful and full of fun.  We have stayed in a cabin on Whitefish lake in Montana, rafted around the lake and swam.  We have hiked and run through Glacier National Park, to include a one way hike for Maggie and Mark from the pass to the Loop.  I have whitewater kayaked the Cheakamus, a class IV/V river in Whistler.  
Waterfall on the Cheakamus run I did (not me though)

Mark, Maggie and our friends have mountain biked the world famous biking trails of Whistler to include watching a bit of Crankworks, a huge downhill biking festival.  Maggie and I enjoyed watching Michael Frianti while doing Yoga at Wunderulust in the Whistler Village.  We left the camper in Seattle and tent camped by a creek for 4 nights in Whistler.  In Seattle Mike Feist biked with me for a 31 mile long run on the never ending trails of Anacortes, which is an impressive feat considering the up and down technical trails of the area.  Felix continues to grow into an outdoor boy, hiking, swimming, playing and exploring the amazing outdoor places we continue to travel through.         
Teton NP picture from my long run

Running Highlights-
-One way 24 mile with over 5,000 feet of climbing rom Girabalidi Lake near Whistler to the Black Tusk and down the backside
-27 mile, 4,500 feet of climbing one way run on the Sea to Sky trail and other trails surrounding Whistler
-1st Place, course record, in front of last year’s series overall winner, at Canada’s most well known running series, 5 Peaks, on the top of Blackcomb Mountain.
            Anotherarticle on the race
-31 Mile run in Anacortes WA with Mike Feist (Mtn biking)
-27 Mile run in Anacortes WA the next day
-One way 29  mile run with 6,200 feet of climbing (up to 10,800 feet) around the Tetons in Teton National Park.  Ran up Death Canyon, the Teton Traverse, down Cascade Canyon and around Jenny Lake
Copper Lake Teton NP

Finally, I finished my training for Run Rabbit Run 100 (before my taper) with possible my best week ever:
-Sunday, 31 Miles, 5,000 Feet Climbing
-Monday, 27 Miles, 5,000 Feet Climbing
-Tuesday, 11 Miles 2,000 Feet Climbing
-Wednesday, 10.5 Miles 1,500 Feet Climbing
-Thursday, 8.5 Miles, 2,000 Feet Climbing
-Friday, 12 Miles, 2,000 Feet Climbing
-Saturday, 29 Miles, 6,200 Feet Climbing

126 Miles Running
23,000 Feet Climbing

Black Bear I saw on my run in Teton NP

Vitargo Re-Fill

School House Glacier Teton NP

Moose I saw on my Long Run in Teton NP

First Golden Aspen of the season!

Glacial Lake Swimming in BC

Felix is a Star!

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  1. what an incredible series of pics along with words describing the adventure of a lifetime ... wow!